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Japan Research Research Institute summarized(PDF file) Consumer psychology surveyAccording to the prospects that you or your family will be unemployed in the coming year, 70% said that it was 69.6%, which was slightly lower than the previous April, which was 70.6%.

Although it has decreased somewhat, the percentage of people still feel uneasy still remains high, and employment anxiety due to the sudden deterioration of the economy seems to be deeply rooted in people.

So, tomorrowJuly 14. On July 14th one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

A octopus greatly escapes from a hole with a diameter of 3 cm - GIGAZINE

Hairless squirrel which can not be seen as a squire at all - GIGAZINE

Movie fighting with parasitic caterpillars manipulated to protect parasitic from foreign enemies - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
【Kazuaki Kasahara's Ubiquitous Information Department】 Intel's new processor brand strategy(Hardware, Intel's new brand strategy is summarized as follows)

【PC Watch】 Microsoft, Windows 7 also provides MS Mincho & amp; MS Gothic ~ From the following OS only supports JIS 2004(We also considered users who need strict compatibility of letters as well as making software conform to Japanese language policy and laws)

Sharp Develops Millimeter Wave "Digital Broadcast Transmission System" - AV Watch(System for multi-family housing that makes it possible to watch terrestrial digital broadcasting without the need for hardware, cable replacement work etc)

Toyo Fishery, instant noodles with cup "Maru-chan, a delicious spicy shitty juice without bamboo shoots" | Nikkei Design(Dry, summer-oriented dry cup noodles using trendy peppers and rice oil, released on 27th July)

Logitech, Canal type earphone for children not making too much sound - Digital - Nikkei Trendy Net(Gadget, Silicone Ear tip size was also adjusted to small ear of children, released at 4,800 yen on July 17)

The latest edition "Women's magazine course for otoko" This is why Takarajima is good! - Enta - Nikkei Trendy Net(Publication, "sweet" popular in the appendix and "InRed" which increased the number from 120,000 copies to 360,000 copies due to price cuts)

【Serial】 Fry fried rice! - Excellent recipe made with familiar ingredients (1) Egg mixed later or mixed earlier ?? | Life | My comic journal(Fried rice recipe that looks pretty delicious using food, corned beef and summer vegetables)

Handmade seal "Dodenman", exceeded 10,000 copies - New work "Tohoku Natsu festival version" - Akita Economic Newspaper(Local character, "Bic Limeman" sealed by Akita's local story "Dodeman" seal)

[Opening Hiroshima Communication Vol.74] "Shin-kun" will come to the opening expo! - Yokohama Walker(Regional character, Hiratariwako's "Shin-kun" expeditions to Yokohama,CanojoIs time taken with? )

Babylon ruins in Iraq were destroyed due to US military presence, UNESCO pointed out 4 photos International News: AFPBB News(Culture, the ruins of Babylon of the city of Mesopotamia have been damaged due to the excavation work etc. at the time of setting up the US military base)

30 Years of "Event Showing Train on Assembly" Event, 10 Rice Suburbs Photography 10 International News: AFPBB News(Overseas, line up on the second Sunday in July of the train on the side of the fence of the train railroad, show off the naked butt on a train running "Liberate ordinary suppression"

I compared the size of tadpoles and frogs | Excite News(Though it tends to become bigger as it becomes an organism frog, but there are also kinds which become tadpole as much as 15 cm)

"Black black" Gundam too! What is Gundam's rare product? - Tokyo Walker(Official goods you can buy at the venue of the life-size large Gundam "GREEN TOKYO Gundam Project" in Toy, Odaiba · sea breeze park)

The phantom character as well ... "Amusement character full of amusement parks" is?! - Tokyo Walker(Sightseeing, people with public relations are not fully grasped on too much characters)

What is the correct way to use a bathrobe? - [Masashina Ninomi] All About(Note, resolve the question of bathrobes that you do not usually see much)

2nd home buying or borrowing, which is better? [Part 1] | R25(Housing, it is better to buy, who borrow deals better explore the boundary)

Fuji Television sets up with Nico Nico Douga! "Secret Way" of Television Stations aiming to Recover Lost ground on Internet Delivery - Digital - Nikkei Trendy Net(As for net service, paid delivery in TBS, "After a few years, it seems that we are beginning to grasp the response that it will be possible to make a surplus on a single distribution business alone")

Summer festival as a place to meet now! Girls coming Summer Festival Link collection 52 pieces | Trend | Free video GyaO [gao] |(Classify summer festival and summer festure as genre and give advice on how to do a nap)

What is the type of beautiful girls that differ from region to region? "Bishoujo figurebook" soon wins the whole country! | Trend | Free Videos GyaO [Gao] |(Note, it is already decided to publish in 42 prefectures)

Wake not to make entertainers appear in Yoshimoto "LIVE STAND 09" by Tokyo entertainment professional - daily Saiseau(Entertainment, Tokyo's entertainment professional seems to still have an exclusive stance to Yoshimoto, it seems that most productions are refusing this time as well)

What is Janitale you do not want to work, asking program producers / mass media officials? : Saizo Woman(Entertainment, what is the true face of Johnny's talent who does not show in front of television)

"Dragon Quest IX" was released 2 days, sold 2.344 3440 books - Enterbrain investigation - Famitsu.com(Game, start dash that exceeds the number of first week sales of previous work)

Arrested two people illegal music distribution site "Ring Song Kingdom" administrator - INTERNET Watch(This is the first time that a corporation was organized by a corporation)

High 1 mobile use time is 71 minutes per day, middle 3 to 33 minutes increase - INTERNET Watch(Overwhelming growth for mobile, elementary school sixth grade was 5 minutes, overwhelming)

A4 file case made with a cardboard box of amazon 【Magokura】 cardboard interior life(DIY, make effective use of corrugated cardboards to organize goods)

Aomori Prefectural Government (AomoriPref) on Twitter(You can now read the Aomori news on the official Twitter account of Aomori prefectural government)

Documentary picture of men suffering from First Person Shooter Disease - Game * Spark(Movie, motion is like a character like FPS, but when it adds vigilance feelings to the surroundingsFPS syndromeWill be)

How to make your own Twitter background image · · - IDEA * IDEA ~ 100 managers' life hub blog ~(Net, information for people who customize the background image of their page)

Air Newspaper(Web service, service that creates new document-like titles without permission)

Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications | Publication of the results of 'Research on economic effects of blogs / SNS'(Net, advertising revenue accounts for a high percentage but shifting to pay service)

Ritsumeikan American football staff Homo AV departs from retirement division / Sports / Daily Sports online(Will there be a demand for society, body that has been trained after all?)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Emperor, 56 years ago pilot "I remember well" - Society(History, reunited with a pilot of a military aircraft aboard when visiting the area from San Francisco, USA 56 years ago)

The revised child pornography bill is a big hurdle for Internet use MIAU calls for a statement, a proponent - ITmedia News(Presented a statement that the Internet, objectivity and consistency with other laws should be improved)

Only 17% of Americans think their country's science is the best in the world - US Survey: News - CNET Japan(Science, only 27% cited scientific progress as one of the most important US achievements)

"I wanted to make a child Japanese" Arrested Chinese false notification submitted - MSN Sankei News(International, suspect seems to be saying "I wanted to keep my child in Japan and wanted to stay in Japan")

Talk at Kawaijuku (laboratory of Uchida Tree)(Social, "angry intellectuals" or "bad researchers" etc. are contradictory in contrivance at the time of closing their minds)

Choose load or cross(What you want to pay attention to when choosing "one step bicycle" of life, 5-10 million yen)

Star Wars: Uncut(It seems like an interesting project that filming, that "Star Wars" shoots every 15 seconds and creates it!)

Tradeoff tends to fail with trying some task at the same time | Kousyoublog(About the pattern of 'underestimation of project' which is prone to life, amateurs)

Tales of Vesperia trial version delivered today PlayStation.com (Japan)(Experience the PS 3 version of the latest game, Tales series first)

Mixi ends mobile phone game "Pikomuku": News - CNET Japan(Mobile, to publish "mixi app" this summer)

Chinese "boot camp" formula Internet addiction treatment - Slashdot Japan(Game, but still only about 70% cured)

I'm breaking game news @ Blade: Illusion is seriously trying to make Dragon's Eroge(Game, design that places thoroughly as a whole)

【2ch】 New speed quality: LDP www LDP www www(Politics, it became the image story)

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