Anime "Tokyo Magnitude 8.0", 5.8% pulled out of "Nodame Cantabile" at the initial viewing rate

From Thursday, July 9, Fuji TV "NoitaminaTV anime "started broadcasting at"Tokyo magnitude 8.0"The first audience rating of the past era was"Nodame Cantabile"It was clear that it was 5.8%. Although "Nodame Cantabile" was a work with an original, it is noticed that some attention has gathered, and it can be seen that it becomes a high viewing rate, but the fact that "TOKYO MAGNITUDE 8.0" of the completely original work recorded the high viewing rate was Fuji TV But he seems to be captured with surprise.

Details are as below.
Tokyo magnitude 8.0

The maximum audience rating of the first episode of TV animation broadcasted on "Noitamina" was 5.4% of "Nodame Cantabile", but this time the record of "Tokyo magnum 8.0" was reprinted with 5.8%. Also, it seems that the occupation rate that shows what% of the households wearing TV watched the program was 28.9% and the maximum viewing rate was 6.4%. The audience rating of 5.8% means "noitamina" among the total number of all animated episodesNodame Cantabile PariFollowing 6.6% of episode 9, "Grave site Kitaro"The number 2nd in line with the 10th episode is a surprising value as the original work.

Fuji TV broadcasts every Thursday from 24:45 and broadcasting will start in Kansai TV, Tokai TV, TV West, and so on in the future so we will check on what the story that produced a figure of 5.8% on the whole was what it was Please try it.

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