A man who has been eaten by a dog for a salary asked the police to arrest a dog

A man came out with his salary on the bed and the incident occurred that a pet dog would eat that salary. Even though I said my salary, I was not paying the food in kind but it was a banknote, was that dog so hungry?

Details are as below.
Dog arrested for eating rent money | BartlesvilleLIVE

The incident occurred in Kenya. A man got a salary he got on his bed and left for work and as I got back, it seems that the tip of the banknote that got disjointed was scattered slightly on the floor as he came back. This is the fact that a men 's dog did, the angry man took the dog to the police and asked "Please catch him". Of course, the police refused this, but when a man handed "reward" to one of the policemen, he changed his attitude and kept the dog.

Later, the policeman was dismissed as receiving a bribe, and the dog was brought back to the man. But the anger of the man who was eating the salary was not quiet so the dog was sold away.

I think that dogs are not bad, but where did they sell?

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