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Nissin FoodsChicken Ramen for Children Enhancing Calcium, Vitamin B1, B2 "Nissin Oyster Chicken RamenIt will be released in Japan nationwide from Tuesday, July 21. 20 g × 2 meals can be eaten as a snack, the suggested retail price is 100 yen (tax not included), Tezuka Production's character brand "TEZUKA MODERNO"In addition to treating the character in the package in collaboration with, it is said that the magnetic sheet such as Atom uranium Leo blackjack is contained as a prize. Although the target seems to be a child, it may be good as an adult snack or a night snack.

So, tomorrowJuly 7. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on July 7th one year ago.

A variety of new species discovered in 2007 - GIGAZINE

A fountain with the same height as the building on the 50th floor will be built in Dubai - GIGAZINE

The world's longest concert held over 639 years - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.Real exchange like negotiations between Dentsu and Google, Feel Like A Fallinstar(Advertisement, the world of net advertisement that method of past mass advertisement which was important to suppress the frame does not apply)

Experimental images in the 60's and 70's - anxiety about the future(IT, animation made with early computer graphics but fresh to see now)

Well, I can never make it in Japan right now: [intermittent diary] the manuscript of the world A(In IT, software creation, it is not possible to demonstrate true ability in team play simply by collecting people)

Mozilla Re-Mix: Firefox add-on "Inline Translator" (3.5 compatible) that can translate selected texts to local languages ​​on the spot(Language, an add-on that displays translations under selected text using Google Translate)

Experimental add-on to discontinue - Mozilla Flux(To the direction that will be introduced as a formal add-on without being checked by reviewers with the introduction of net and add-on verification tool)

YeNikki - Automatic picture drawing system using Yahoo! JAPAN API(An interesting diary generation engine that extracts key words from the net and sentences and searches for images based on it)

Do you think that it will take up to this meeting? "Conference Price" - IDEA * IDEA ~ 100 Managers' Life Hack Blog ~(Web service that calculates how much money is spent on the meeting by entering the net, the monthly salary of the participant and the scheduled time of the meeting)

Characteristics of each Japanese input program (MS-DOS era)(IT, now there were so many Japanese input programs that have become two strong era of MS - IME and ATOK)

Microsoft and Linux will exchange greetings on Twitter(The historical moment that greeted each other on the net, official account)

POLAR BEAR BLOG: Statue of Liberty also starts Twitter(It seems that you think only net, sightseeing information or something pretty much murmurs)

What would you look like if she had the Internet when she was an evangelion. - Tamagotchi rice(Net, the early Evangelion popularity succeeded to successfully fuel the feeling "I can not reach the information")

YouTube - SOUR 'Hibi no neiro'(Movie, a movie made by colliding over a movie shot with countless web cameras)

Web Side Story: Internet, The Musical - Neatorama(Musical-style animation depicting a human pattern in an internet society under the animation, "West side story" underlaying)

RPG column "Wishbone": frightened phobia ~ unprecedented position of players neglected by TRPG ~(In the game, TRPG it is difficult to play in an equal position since the difference between experienced and beginner appears larger than computer game)

Vuzix Tac-Eye Products - Tac-Eye LT(Gadget, monocular organic EL head mounted display for the military which the controller is tough)

US obesity trends expand, "but there is still hope" US report international news: AFPBB News(He looked at hope that "Americans are beginning to understand that the cause of obesity is policy and lifestyle habits")

Volcano version Roentgen: Successfully shot inside the cosmic rays usage Tokyo University - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shinbun)(Technology, the world's first technology to directly observe the inside of a volcano using mu particles due to collision of cosmic rays)

NFL former star, impossible at the end of affair (1/2 page) - Society - SANSPO.COM(Former star QB Steve McNair, who was also chosen as the MVP of the 2003 season, age 36 years old)

21-year-old Cuba's 164 km left arm · Chapman exile ... Major baseball team to 5.8 billion war battle match: MLB: Sports broadcast(A · Chapman pitcher who was Cuba representative at sports and WBC exiled in the Netherlands expedition)

Disappearance: Two Kenyan international students who went nationwide high school relay races, two men and women, one after another - every day jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Sports, because school dropped out due to lack of attendance days, school recommended returning home and prepared an air ticket to Kenya, but when I tried to head to the airport "I ran away and ran away")

Shonan Belle Mare uses J Club 's first "local beer" - local orange "Shonan Gold" used - Shonan economic newspaper(Sports, for the first time to sell beer in J League Club)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Osaka's craftsmen cymbals, challenge the world - society(The presence of musical instruments with individuality is an important market although music, rice, Canada, Switzerland's three leading companies account for 90% of the market share)

I caught Setagaya Ward Hawk. I asked for the latter thing.(Region, "This falcon is smart, so it seems that he has unraveled the strings and flew away by himself", and the owner gave in to himself and fell down one case)

A world of underdrain you do not know ~ Ishidori Gorge Valley Tanizawa River Exploration | Kousyoublog(History, the feeling that an invisible river flows under the road is interesting)

What is "the charm of megalithes" in which megalith maniacs are attached? Excite News(Memo, big trees are thousands of years old, but megaliths feel more like immutable / eternal)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): 14 billion yen added to Amazon Amazons Nationwide Bureau "Headquarters functions in Japan" - Society(Economy, dealings with customers were certified as being done by a Japanese corporation, not a US head office)

Toyota "Prius" ranked first in overall car sales in June - MSN Sankei News(Economy, the first top including mini-cars gathered support from consumers with price cuts due to price competition with "insight" and eco car tax cuts)

Even leverage is also profitable Rogue Starting from the start of NHK on-demand struggle for half a year (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News(TV, expected budget revenues of 400 million yen in the last fiscal year budget, but in reality it was only 50 million yen)

Baka sell "500 color pencils" - MSN Sankei News(Society, one by one has the name "scrambled egg of breakfast" "small ear of little rabbit" etc)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Suspected possession of explosives raw materials 19 years old Juvenile house and drug sales company search - Society(Society, a boy suspected that he kept medicines such as potassium chlorate and sodium chlorate as raw materials for explosives at home)

Staff of child care institution sexual relations with admission girls - MSN Sankei News(Society, staff are the eldest son of the president of a social welfare corporation that operates and was fired at the facility in the middle of April)

Boat in Yutaka candidate for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government ... PR violence to voters (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News(Politics, there are few Chiyoda residents in Akihabara on Sunday so it makes little sense in the city council election?)

China: Restrictions on dogs with too many child policy too much - Mainichi Shimbun (Mainichi Shimbun)(Overseas, street dogs seen as abandoned pets in the city increase, some owners who ask the authorities for disposal)

North Korea "Women skirt, but no mini!" Korean newspaper report - MSN Sankei news(Overseas, young men are applying volunteers to the surveillance team for the purpose of sexual harassment and receiving bribes when policing women)

Shinkansen theme accommodation plan - Nagoya Marriott merchandised, "Shinkansen room" also - Economic Newspaper Station(Does the hotel, railroad-like children feel very pleased?)

Local hero from Niigata "Ultra Tillage 21 Gutter" - produced by Eiger Ebina Economic Newspaper Akita(Region, weapons "grass cutter" type of "persimmon seed" type capable of mowing 21 hectares per minute)

"Max coffee" new work is vanilla flavor & vitamin combination - Tokyo Walker(Food,ChibarakiA new work appeared in that "Max coffee" that has been loved as Soul drink)

Limited release of products supervised by 3F, Yokohama's famous chef - Yokohama Economic Newspaper(Food, serially sold all over the country from June 17th)

Pudding included! "Rica-chan invented" shake appeared from Moss - Tokyo Walker(Food,Rika-chan blogSo Rika-chan is being tossed as rivals Emily, "Do not think I won, because I was a student in the Mos Burger contest"

I am motivated when I start a business! 50% of female president recognizes it as "MOTERU" - Tokyo Walker(Note, self-reported "55%", it may be that people with confidence in yourself are starting a business)

Classify selective songwriting by blood type Classical | Excite News(Note, healing and carnivorous concept that "If you want to men, first make yourself a smile")

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