Hybrid truck with dramatic jet engines using all of the loading platform

Although eco-friendly car tax cuts have started, attention is gaining attention for vehicles with excellent environmental performance, but there seem to be some people saying that Michigan state in the United States has created a hybrid truck using a huge jet engine.

Although environmental performance is not necessarily superior, it is finished in a car with an advanced atmosphere with a splendid appearance anyhow.

Details are as below.
Jet-Powered 2005 Ford F-150 STX - Chris Lentz's Turbojet Engine Truck - Automobile Magazine

It was Mr. Chris Lentz, 50, who produced the jet track. It seems that the truck equipped with a jet engine was a longtime dream, and it was said that encounter with a pilot that imported a used turbojet engine from New York two years ago became a trigger for dreams to come true. Lentz bought the engine at $ 10,000 (about 960,000 yen) and bought the second-handed Ford F150 STX as a mounted car for $ 12,000 (about 1.15 million yen) at eBay.

Chris Lentz who fulfilled the jet track's dream.

I do not want to run behind this car.

Mentor Lentz bought an engine called M 701 of Motorret Company and weighs 728 pounds (about 330 kg). It is written as 2700 horsepower.

It looks like weapons appearing in cartoons.

Inside the car is a retrofuture looking control panel. It seems to operate with a red fuel control lever and a blue throttle lever.

Normally, due to weight, the maximum speed is 135 km / h, but if you use a jet engine the maximum speed will be 225 km / h. Lentz seems to be enjoying the reaction of the people who saw the car in the parking lot as well as the drive.

The motion movie of the jet track. I am producing sounds that are likely to fly in the sky.
YouTube - F-150 Jet Truck

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