Earth friendly cows do not gaps, breeding cows for global warming countermeasures

20 times stronger than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gasmethaneAre contained in large quantities in bovine gapps and it seems that nearly three quarters of the world's methane emissions are due to bovine gaps. Therefore, as part of measures against global warming, research to suppress the amount of bovine gapping is being promoted in Canada.

Details are as below.Cows that burp less methane to be bred - Telegraph

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaUniversity of AlbertaProfessor Stephen Moore in the field of agriculture, food and nutrition science in the field of agriculture, food and nutrition science is studying genes involved in methane generation in bovine's four stomachs to mate environmentally friendly cows.

Journal of Animal ScienceAccording to a paper published in Moore, Professor Moore succeeded in the initial test to produce a cattle with methane emissions 25% less than usual.

However, further research is necessary to measure long-term effects.

"We are currently developing a bovine diagnostic marker with low methane emissions and I am looking forward to next-generation technologies that can diagnose genes with blood and hair samples," Moore said.

To reduce the amount of methane emissions, it is also effective to grow cattle quickly and shorten the period until getting to the market (the period during which you are getting at the ranch). According to Moore, Professor Moore said that the feed can be efficiently muscled and it is possible to mate cattle with low methane emissions.

In order to suppress methane emissions, attempts have already been made to feed high-energy, high-fat feeds, which are less susceptible to fermentation than grass or low-quality feed to domestic animals.

Nancy Hirshberg, Public Relations of Organic Yogurt Manufacturer Stonyfield Farm under the umbrella of Danone Group in New Hampshire, USA states, "If all American dairymen reduce 12% methane emissions, the same effect as 500,000 cars will be lost You can get it. "

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