Almost real size F1 car made of styrofoam waste material and huge robot

Frequently used as a heat insulatorStyrofoamIt has characteristics similar to Styrofoam and it is tough to dismantle it because it is bulky, but Michael Salter of the University of Oregon is using it to produce near real life F1 cars and huge robot art.

Artwork using garbageAlthough I have made various articles in the past as well, there is not any big thing so far.

Details are as below. The whole is like this

The fine part is also expressed in a good feeling

It is a feeling that the sense of unevenness of the straight line and the engine part match

A huge robot that seems to break through the ceiling of the atelier

I feel the influence of Japanese animation somehow. An illustration on the right wall is also interesting.

Other works can be seen from "INSTALLATIONS" on the author's official website
Michael a. Salter

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