USB memory stylish Louis Vuitton even with a strap

USB memory is convenient to carry large capacity files easily. However, there are many unusual appearance such as PC peripherals, and there are also people who are in trouble because their feelings do not match with other belongings.

Louis Vuitton, a world-class fashion brand that sells such a USB memory, has become a sophisticated design that has never been before.

Details are from the following.
Louis Vuitton: French fashion designer

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite USB Key

This is Louis Vuitton's USB memory "CLE · USB".

It is not a monogram pattern which is the characteristic of Vuitton, it has become a simple and sophisticated design.

"Louis Vuitton" logo in the center.

There is also "Louis Vuitton" in the hooked part.

The capacity of the USB memory is 4 GB,Louis Vuitton Official PageIt is sold at 51,450 yen (including tax). Why do not you try looking at the shop once for those who want to stick to a bit of things.

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