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Princeton Technology Co., Ltd.Paper handicap speaker to make and listen by myself "PAPER SPEAKER (PSP-NXT series)It is said that it will release. It cuts the body from the mount with a cutter knife or the like, and it assembles the type of speaker, because it resonates the whole paper craft and diffuses the sound, it can enjoy full-fledged sound quality. The design is three kinds of radio cassette recorder type, ensemble stereotype and component stereo type, and the price is open price (anticipated actual price: 1980 yen), which is scheduled to start shipping in early July.

So next MondayJune 29. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on June 29th one year ago.

What will happen if you really do something like a movie love scene? - GIGAZINE

Movie to see the spot of the spot and valley in a timely manner that the fire did not disappear overnight - GIGAZINE

A must-see for private universities, how to make a "prestigious university" with a high deviation value - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.Film / Farra Foreset, dream of wedding ceremony will not come true. Died at the end of a fierce struggle - cinemacafe.net(The death case, wife's ceremony with Ryan O'Neill of long-time partner "Farrah Fawcett, Charlie's Angel" was not fulfilled, 62 years of age at anal cancer)

Movie / 【Holding Love From Hollywood】 Moment the world grieved ... Michael Jackson died - cinemacafe.net(How did the world accept the day when Michael died five hours after death, Fara?)

Find a boy who could not give flowers to Megan · Fox! Kodak rewards money: movie news - eiga.com if you are a movie(movies,"A boy who failed to give flowers to Megan · Fox"As a topic on the internet as a picture)

Screening of "Gundam" 3 works in Namba Parks Cinema - 30th Anniversary - Namba Keizai Shimbun(Animation, three works in 1981-82, first showing in HD remaster version)

Naburabo: Take a hard car and shout love! "Moe Fes IN Washu 2009 - Because you hurt ~" - ITmedia News(In animation, at the simultaneous holding car festival, we conducted a contest to pick the most painful car "Itasha of the Year 2009")

Old-style train "Retro Yokohama" special service - Passenger car around 1950 - Yokohama Economic Newspaper(Special train service between Yokohama and Yokosuka on the JR Yokosuka line this weekend)

Penetrant penetration by dense "iron", the third collection of Sabo collection is "old customer" specification | Excite news(Railroad, destination sign board "signboard" for short "Sabo")

Ms. Hayashiya to supermodel - Adobe releases image correction tech - Shinagawa Keizai Shimbun(Memo, Mr. Hayashiya's finish to show the greatness of professional retouching as a material of Photoshop tutorial)

Colabolo - Issue Manager(Gantt chart / schedule management software that runs in software, Adobe's execution environment AIR)

Features of bad manual - sports(IT, a manual that is easy to start by reading quickly is a good manual)

Tuberculosis: Male in twenties died, 9 people infected Osaka city Chuu - ku - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(He said that because he worked in a kitchen of a restaurant, there was little contact with customers and the infection had fallen within a narrow range)

School back site 853 cases in 6 days Municipal Board of Education Survey - MSN Sankei News(853 inappropriate writes such as net, exposure of personal information occurred on 6th occurred)

Cult Educational Practicum - My Evil Memo(Education and debate may be effective for education in surprising places)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "Park where I tried" Former prefectural assembly, launching a bronze statue without permission - Society(Society, "I tried to build a statue without permission" because I made efforts to make a park, I want to build a statue of bronze)

8,000 viewers of "Taiwanese government deflected coverage" appealed NHK: News: Entertainment: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(There seems to be some distortion although the Japanese government's repression and discrimination against social and Taiwanese people were drawn)

What happened to the harmful comic movements in the 1990s - Timesteps(It is not necessary to know what the restrictions of the 1990s left for expressions, both regulators and opponents)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): female policeman, firing with imetore shooting training Kanagawa, misfiring successive - society(Safety, just lending a handgun to a female police officer that was limited to a part, it has just been extended to all female police officers who are about 900 from April)

Girls' employee 'We will refuse gender equality.'(If you share the organization and chores, those who keep their presence by progressing it will be in trouble)

Inventive consideration such as "Tepla", 56 million yen to employees, etc: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Intellectual property, sales of "Tepla" and related products exceeded 300 billion yen by the end of March this year)

Germanium bracelet "relieve fatigue" No basis: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Consumers, the National Life Center announced that there is something sold that seldom uses germanium or there are things that are displaying problems with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law)

【Farewell Revolutionary Generation】 Queen of Terrorist Teruboshi Atsuko listen to defendant (1/4 page) - MSN Sankei News(History, the top executives of the former Japanese Red Arm, who have lead the Japanese revolutionary movement, talk about their feelings)

'Russia's Strongest Man' Prime Minister Putin, Discount Instruction Picture on Super Electric Observation 4 Images International News: AFPBB News(International, instructing the price cut directly to the manager "Is not it too expensive?")

Japan is ranked 3rd place = high salary paid to expatriates> investigation | global speech | Reuters(Russia is the world's highest salary paid to overseas and expatriates, Hong Kong is second)

Osim talks about breathing does not continue - Football Japan national news news: nikkansports.com(The spirit, "Japanese people can not be Germans or British people, commented on Japanese technology development based on imitation" that it must develop and accept it)

"Bookstopper" that can be used to work while watching a book is more convenient than I imagined - in the middle(It is a good item for those who think that it is too much space if it's reading books, bookshelves)

Muzika Dolone Let's make the white T-shirt cool(Customize with clothing, dyeing and cutting band T-shirts)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: I'm doing "wearing 30 days"(Science teacher reproduces fashion, popular project of women's fashion magazine "Wearing 30 days")

Nazi's "Ho 229" was a real stealth aircraft, National Geographic demonstrates research - Technobahn(It seems to be able to hide the aircraft sufficiently if it is the military, the level of the radar opponent of the time applying the carbon material coating)

B787 Structural Defects Problem, Manufacturing Parts of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Technobahn(Aircraft, MHI also manufactures Self Defense Force fighter aircraft)

"Modern Warfare 2" who lost the brand name of "Call of Duty" has dramatically decreased recognition - Game * Spark(Game, the new work "Modern Warfare 2", which increases expectation, has halted the awareness because it removed "Call of Duty" of the series name)

Suggeag - Gag saves the world! Gag database made by everyone(Service, gag database which can search immediately when laughter is necessary)

【2ch】 New speed quality: Yamaoka "Let's go to the next confrontation with convenience store food"(Gourmet, whether criticism can be done whatever things if gathered too much)

If you can do pasta recipe collection(Recipe collection of pasta from food, basic sauce to application)

A surprise event that I noticed from my first self-catering event Cana speed(Familiarity of the existence of food and parent exists well)

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