A futuristic cruiser with a design like a dinosaur or a bird opening its mouth

In the shape of a ship, I thought that it is the shipboard structure that makes a difference almost similar to the shape of a ship, but there are people who came up with a design cruiser that I thought was really a ship even if I saw it at once It seems. Although it can be concluded that it is a ship because there is an image illustration sailing on the sea, if you look only at the design of the hull, it seems likely that it might be a spaceship.

Details are as below.
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I saw it from behind slightly. The rounded portion appears to the eyes, the opening on the left side of the screen seems to be open mouth.

It is like this image. It is a bit like a cruiser.

The inside seems to be wide and comfortable.

A scene with no discomfort even if it is said to be cockpit of a spaceship.

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This is another design.

The helicopter seems to be able to arrive at the front of the deck.

The pool is also complete.

Onboard. Windows are widely taken.

I look behind.

It may not notice that it is a hen design that it is unexpectedly beside the port.

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