A game "Use Boxmen" that reaches the goal using well-known alter ego

A game that aims at the goal by mastering his / her alter ego well. The alter ego takes various actions depending on the ingenuity, and it is the content that aims at the goal by making use of those actions. Since hints are also displayed on the screen, the level of difficulty will rise considerably in the second half, although it is somehow clearable if you think a little about the opening stage.

Details are from the following.
Use Boxmen Game :: Silvergames.com

title screen. Click "Play" to start the game.

All 13 stages. Click "Next Level" to proceed.

Basic operation is to move left and right with "←" "→" button, jump with "↑" button, squat down with "↓" button.

Retry with "R" button.

Move the main character and take a square box to clear it.

When you clear it, the square will be painted.

Altus which is a very important role in clearing this game can be issued with "Shift" key. The number of times an alter ego can appear in the upper left is displayed. I will aim at the goal by releasing various traps using this alternative.

If you press the "Shift" key while running, you will see an alter ego with running. Other alternatives will allow different types of actions by alter ego so let's try various things. Since the hint of the action to use for clearing is displayed on the screen, it may be good to refer it.

If you can not clear it by all means please try playing the following movie after watching the clearing method.
YouTube - Use Boxmen Walkthrough

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