A diagram summarizing the sense of distance to opposite sex with ease

It seems that there is something that summarizes the sense of distance with opposite sex with ease. If you enlarge the copy of this figure and write the name of the opposite sex around you, you may understand a little about what situation you are currently in relation to the heterosexual relationship.

Details are from the following.
Where Exactly Is The Friend Zone? | Top Cultured

The vertical axis represents the charm of the inner surface (personality), and the horizontal axis represents the appeal of the appearance.

Each frame has the following meaning.

Zone of Pain:A painful partner with me
Relationship Temptation:It seems to be very attractive, but you should stop doing it
Awkwardness:Somehow an awkward partner
F-Buddy:Only partners with body relationship
Dating Zone:A fun partner to have fun
Marriage Potential:A potential marriage partner
Null Set:It does not exist (that there is no perfect person neither casually nor inside)

To make it easier to understand, when I make a Japanese translation version, it becomes like this

What about trying to find out where the opposite sex is currently categorized.

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