IPod rescues girl's life from lightning

There seems to have been a miraculous event that a girl hurt a minor injury despite direct lightning strokes. The reason why it was done with minor injuries seems to be due to the iPod, and it seems that her life was considered dangerous without an iPod.

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Saved by my iPod: Girl survives lightning strike after wire diverts 300,000 volts | Mail Online

Sophie (14 years old) who lives in Essex, England was the one who helped the life of iPod. On the evening of June 15 Sophie was walking at the boyfriend 's Mason (14 years old) in the neighborhood of the house, it suddenly had a heavy rain falling, so it was raining at the rain under a tree and thunder fell on Sophie That's right. Sophie became unconscious, Mason stopped the passing car and took Sophie to Southend Hospital.

When Sophie was brought in the hospital, Sophie not only burned from around the chest but also suffered burns, it seemed that the eardrum was torn and the eyes also had trouble. However, obstacles such as eyes recovered quickly, it seems that it was done with minor injuries to the extent that both burns disappear. Sophie was transferred from Southend Hospital to Bloomfield Hospital for treatment of burns and it seems he was able to be discharged on June 18th three days after being hit by lightning.

Sophie in hospital.

The reason why it took injuries to discharge hospital immediately despite thunderstorms is thought to be because the lightning had traveled through the earphone cable of the iPod and there was little damage to the heart and organs That's right. This iPod was gifts from my grandmother four days before being struck by lightning.

Clothes that I was wearing when I was hit by lightning with Sophie after my discharge. The traces of burns around my chest and the clothes I gave them tell me the situation at the time of the accident.

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