Target items that can be exchanged at Eco Point (First) are announced, 271 cases including gift certificates and local special products

The green appliances eco point system started on May 15, 2009. It was that we got points that energy-saving home appliances can get when we buy, only the system has started without object to be exchanged, but finally the results of the first selection of items subject to exchange and vendors were announced.

Tickets such as Suica and PASMO, gift certificates such as rice tickets and book cards, regional goods, electronic money, etc. are listed as exchange targets, and there are things with versatility to some extent.

Details are as below.
About recruitment result (first) on eco point exchange goods etc. | Green consumer electronics diffusion promotion project

The selection was made of 20 public transit cards, 78 general tickets, 109 regional gift certificates, 18 nationwide regional products suppliers, 37 prefectural regional products suppliers, 37 energy conservation · 9 items providing environmentally conscious products, etc., totaling 271 cases.

Points necessary for replacement are not announced yet, but in the first half of June 22nd, the "business operator code" necessary for the applicant to fill in and representative We are planning to publish a list of major products describing "product codes".

The items to be exchanged for eco points this time are as follows.

(PDF file) Replacement item list

■ Gift certificates etc.
· Railway
Hokkaido Railway Company / Orange Card
East Japan Railway Company / Suica
Tokai Railway Company Limited / TOICA
Shizuoka Railway · Shizurutetsu Just Line / Shizuetsu Train · Bus Passar Card
West Japan Railway Company Ltd. / ICOCA · Orange Card
Kinki Nippon Railway Co., Ltd. / Kintetsu "Weekend Free Pass"
Hankyu Corporation / Hankyu Hanshin 1 day pass
Shikoku Railway Company Ltd. / JR Shikoku Eco Point Exchange Pass
Takamatsu Kotohira Electric Railway Co., Ltd. / Tokon IC card ticket and charge exchange ticket
Iyo Railway Co., Ltd. / IC · ~ card charge exchange ticket
Co., Ltd. / Card charge ticket
Kyushu Railway Company / SUGOCA · Orange Card
Nimoka Co., Ltd. / nimoca
Fukuoka City Transport Bureau / Fukuoka City Subway ticket (magnetic card · IC card)

JR Bath Kanto Co., Ltd. / JR Bath · Story Ticket
Hankyu Bus Corporation / Hankyu · Hanshin Bus Common Card
Shinki Buss Co., Ltd. / Shinki Bus NicoPa Charge voucher
Nishinippon Railway Co., Ltd. / SUNQ Pass, high-speed bus four-sheet spelling ticket, Fukuoka Tenjin ticket, super trip ticket, Nishitetsu bus subscription ticket

Uwajima Transport Co., Ltd. / Uwajima Transport Ferry Vehicle Certificate

■ General Gift Certificate
· Food · Food and drink tickets
National rice sales business Mutual aid cooperative association / nationwide common rice ticket
National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives / Gift Certificate
Nationwide liquor co-operative association / beer common ticket
Jeff Gourmet Co., Ltd. Card / Jeff Gourmet Card (nationwide common meal ticket)
Haagen-Dazs Japan Co., Ltd. / Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Gift Certificate
National Tamago Commercial Cooperative Association / Common Tamagotchi
National Federation Business Cooperative Federation / Meat gift certificate
Hokkaido Sushi Commerce and Sanitary Social Association Association / Common alligator tickets
Iwate prefecture sushi business life sanitation association association / nationwide common soy ticket
Miyagi ken Sushi Commerce and Sanitary Society Association / Common alligator tickets
Akita prefecture Sushi commercial life sanitation association association / nationwide common soy ticket
Ibaraki Prefecture Sushi Commerce and Sanitary Society Association / Common Shinkansen nationwide
Tokyo Sushi Commerce and Sanitary Society Association / Common alligator tickets
Niigata Prefecture Sushi Commercial Life Sanitation Association Association / Common alligator tickets
Ishikawa prefecture Sushi commercial life sanitation association association / nationwide common picket ticket
Shizuoka prefecture Sushi commercial life sanitation association association / nationwide common cash voucher
Aichi Prefecture Sushi Commercial Life Sanitation Association Association / Common Shinkansen nationwide tickets
Yamaguchi Prefecture Sushi Commercial Life Sanitation Association Association / Common Shinkansen nationwide
Kagoshima ken Sushi Commerce and Sanitary Society Association / Common Shinkansen nationwide

· Lifestyle related ticket
Japan book popularization corporation / nationwide common book card
Toy Card Co., Ltd. / Children's Gift Certificate
Japan Flower Promotion Association / Gift Certificate of Flowers and Midori
Hibiya Flower Arts Co., Ltd. / flower gift card
National Cleaning Life Sanitation Association / Cleaning Gift Certificate
Tokyo Pharmaceutical Cooperative Federation / Health Gift Certificate
Shumishin · Matsushita Financial Service Co., Ltd. / Panasonic's store gift check
Best Electrical Equipment / Best Gift Card Co., Ltd.
Idemitsu Credit Co., Ltd. / Idemitsu Cash Plyka

· Travel / accommodation voucher
JTB corporation Tokyo / JTB travel ticket · nationwide common gift certificate
Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd. / tourist travel ticket
Nippon Travel Agency Japan Travel / Gift Voucher
Top Tour Co., Ltd. / Top Tour Travel Ticket
ANA Sales Corp. / ANA travel ticket
Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd. / JAL Travel Ticket
Prince Hotel Co., Ltd. / Prince Ticket
Hotel Okura Tokyo / Original Gift Certificate

· Distribution-type gift certificate
Japan Department Stores Association / Common gift certificates across department stores across the country
Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd. / Seven & i common stock certificate ticket
Uni Corporation / Uni gift certificate
National Association of Agricultural Cooperatives / Agricultural Cooperative National Gift Certificate
Daiei / Daiei Group Gift Certificate
Iseya Corporation Corporation / Beijia Group Gift Certificate
S · B SYSTEMS CORPORATION / CGC Group Common Gift Certificate
Yoshinoya Co., Ltd. / Yoshidaya Gift Certificate
Keikyu Department Store / Keikyu Department Store Gift Certificate
Sanny Mart Co., Ltd. / Sanny Mart Gift Certificate
Izumiya Co., Ltd. / Izumiya gift certificate
Fuji / Fuji gift certificate Co., Ltd.

· Distribution type prepaid card
Bitwallet Corporation / Electronic Money "Edy" (Eddie)
Aiwai Card Co., Ltd. / E-money "nanaco" (Nanako)
Aeon Retail Co., Ltd. / Electronic money "WAON"
Quo card / QUO card (Quo card)
Lawson Corporation / Lawson exclusive prepaid card

· Credit-related gift certificate
JCB Co., Ltd. / JCB gift card
Mitsui Sumitomo Card Co., Ltd. / Mitsui Sumitomo VISA gift card
Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos Co., Ltd. / Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos Gift Card
UCS Card / UC gift card
Hoken kaisha / Honkens gift certificate
Nippon Broadcasting Corporation Asahikawa / Nikin Corp. Gift Card
Nippon College of Commons Jimis / Nikko Union Gift Card
NIHONKOKU UNIC CO. LTD / Nikin Corp. gift card
Nikkento Pacific / Nikin Corp. gift card
Nippon Uniform Holdings Co., Ltd. / Nikin Corp. Gift Card
Nippon Collaborative Partners Co., Ltd. / Nikin Corp. Gift Card
Nippon College of Commons Miyako / Nichinen College Gift Card
Nippon Broadcasting Corporation Life Service / Nikin Corp. Gift Card
Nikin Corp. Trust Corporation / Nikin Corp. Gift Card
Cooperative Shizuoka Specialty Store Association / Nikko Union Gift Card
Cooperative Nikko Nikko Tamana / Nikin Corp. Gift Card
OCS / OCS gift certificate Co., Ltd.

· Catalog gift certificate
Enisiru Inc. / Catalog to choose (miscellaneous goods & gourmet)
Orico Corporation Shoji / Orico Shoji Makoto Market Eco Point Service
GIFCOM Co., Ltd. / Premier · Gifuka (gift card)
Shady Co., Ltd. / Miscellaneous goods & amp; Gourmet catalog
JTB Shoji Co., Ltd. / JTB Arrangement gift "Tempo no Shrine"
Senshukai Co., Ltd. / Belle Maison Shopping ticket

· Regional type gift certificate
Hokkaido / Cooperative Ikeda-cho wine stamp meeting / gift certificate
Hokkaido / Shakabe Chamber of Commerce / Shakabe-cho gift certificate
Hokkaido / Shihoro Honcho shopping district cooperative association / Daichi-kun prepaid card
Hokkaido / tulip STAMP meeting / tulip STAMP meeting gift certificate
Hokkaido / Furano Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Furano City Common Gift Certificate
Hokkaido / Sister cow service point card association / regional gift certificate
Hokkaido / Rausu-cho Commerce and Industry / Ru Skip Gift Certificate
Hokkaido / Kwansei Shopping District Promotion Association Hsinxi Shopping District / Cash voucher
Aomori / Hachino no Common gift certificate cooperative / Hachinohe common ticket
Iwate / Iwate cho commercial cooperative / Iwate cho common gift certificate
Iwate / Eisashi Common Gift Certificate Cooperative / Eisashi Common Gift Certificate
Iwate / Cooperative Association / Kamenko Shopping Center Kamenko SC PAL gift certificate
Iwate / Takada Matsubara Commercial Development Cooperative Association / ripple gift certificate premium exchange
Iwate / Tono Suzuran Promotion Cooperative Association / Suzuran gift certificate
Iwate / Towa Commercial Cooperative Association / Calla Gift Certificate
Miyagi / Cooperative Shibata stamp meeting / eco point premium gift certificate
Miyagi / Miyashi Cooperative Cooperative / Co-op gift certificate
Yamagata / Iidome-machi Chamber of Commerce Iidecho Commerce and Industry / Common gift certificate
Yamagata / Cooperative Small Country Point Association / White Forest In common stock certificates
Yamagata / Mogami Town Commerce and Industry Association / Mogamuba-kun gift certificate limited to Muromachi
Fukushima / Cooperative Kawamata Silk Stamp Association / Silk Stamp Gift Certificate
Fukushima / Koriyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Koryakajimachi City Genki Support Voucher Coupon
Fukushima / Habara-cho Commercial Cooperative Association / Hoshihara Common Gift Certificate
Fukushima / cooperative spiritual stamp meeting / Lingyama town common gift certificate
Tochigi / Kanuma Chamber of Commerce / Kanuma City Common Gift Certificate
Saitama / Iruma-shi Commercial Cooperative Association / Common Gift Certificate in the City
Saitama / Frog Stamp Association / Frog Stamp Shopping Ticket
Saitama / Kasukabe City Commercial Cooperative Union / Kasukabe Common Gift Certificate
Saitama / Satte City Commercial Cooperative Association / Satte Municipal Gift Certificate
Saitama / Toda City Commerce and Industry / Toda Common Gift Certificate
Saitama / Hasuda City Commercial Cooperative Association / Hanamizuki Gift Certificate
Saitama / Misato City Commerce and Industry Association / Masato Misato Chikotto Cat's Hand Gift Certificate
Saitama / Moromichi Chamber of Commerce / Moriyama Town Common Gift Certificate
Chiba / Tateyama City Commercial Cooperative Association / Tateyama City Common Gift Certificate
Tokyo / Shinagawa Ward Shopping District Promotion Association Federation / Shinagawa Ward Common Gift Certificate
Tokyo / Suginami Ward Shopping Area Promotion Union Federation / Suginami Ward Common Gift Certificate (Konanami Gift Card)
Tokyo / Setagaya ku shopping district association promotion association / Setagaya ku common stock gift certificate
Tokyo / Minato-ku shopping district association promotion association / Common gift certificate in Minato-ku (Smile gift certificate)
Kanagawa / Zushi Point Card Business Cooperative Association / Zushi Shokaze Card Gift Certificate
Kanagawa / Yugawara Town Chamber of Commerce / Yugawara Onsen Regional Gift Certificate
Niigata / Cooperative Union Niigata City Shopping Federation / Niigata City Common Gift Certificate
Niigata / Sado common gift certificate cooperative / Magokoro gift certificate
Niigata / Tsunamachi Chamber of Commerce / Tsunamachi Common Gift Certificate
Toyama / Cooperative Association Diploma Flower Card Association / Jyohana Flower Card Gift Certificate
Toyama / Shinmoni store association cooperative association / Shimimono Common gift certificate
Toyama / Cooperative Association Fukumitsu Commerce Association / Fukumitsu Common Gift Certificate
Toyama / volantas cooperative / voluntas gift certificate
Ishikawa / Cooperative Association Suzu Stamp Association / Suzu Stamp Gift Certificate
Ishikawa / Cooperative Union Mikawa Shoten Federation / Ai Ai gift certificate
Ishikawa / Tsubata-machi sales business cooperative association / Doremifa gift certificate
Yamanashi / Minobu-cho Commerce Association Minobu-cho Chamber of Commerce / Sakura Gift Certificate
Nagano / Ina Community Card Cooperative / I-chan Chan Card Prepaid Charge
Nagano / Tie me a card cooperative / Tie with Card Point · Prepaid · Shopping ticket
Gifu / Ogaki-shi shopping district promotion association association / Ogaki-shi commercial premium gift certificate
Gifu / Kaizu City Commerce and Industry / Kaizu City Gift Certificate
Gifu / Gero Commerce and Industry Association / Gero gift card (Gero gift certificate)
Gifu / Sekigahara Town Commerce and Industry / Sekigahara Town Gift Certificate
Gifu / Nakatsugawa City Commercial Cooperative Association / Gift Certificate
Gifu / Higashi Hirakawa Village Commerce and Industry Association Higashi Hirakawa Village Gift Certificate Tachibokokai / Higashi Hirikawa Village Tschinoko Gift Certificate
Gifu / Furukawacho Chamber of Commerce / Furukawacho Gift Certificate
Gifu / Heisei cardholder / Regional currency Heisei Heisei thank you ticket ecopy
Shizuoka / Kakegawa Chamber of Commerce / Kakegawa Common premium shopping ticket "Oi Chiyosaki"
Shizuoka / Matsuzaki Town Romantic Seal Cooperative / Roman Seal Gift Certificate
Aichi / Inake card meeting / Inake card gift voucher
Aichi / Cooperative Association Anjo Salvia Stamp Association / Salvia Gift Card
Aichi / Town Management Corp. Solder / common solder gift certificate
Kyoto / Ujitawara Town Commerce and Industry / Ujiyadabachi Gift Certificate
Kyoto / Fushimi major muscle shopping district promotion association / major source gift certificate
Hyogo / Tamba Commercial Cooperative Association / Tanba Common Gift Certificate
Nara / Yoshino-cho Commercial Cooperative Union / Yoshino-cho Common Gift Certificate
Wakayama / Arita City Commercial Cooperative Association / Arita City Common Gift Certificate
Wakayama / Your Commercial Cooperative / Kimi's Commercial Gift Certificate
Wakayama / Kushimoto Lily stamp association cooperative / Kushimoto Lilly Stamp association cooperative gift certificate
Wakayama / Susami cho Chamber of Commerce / gift certificate
Wakayama / Tanabe City Commercial Cooperative / Tanabe City Common Gift Certificate
Wakayama / Hidakagawa Stamp Business Cooperative Association / Hikakagawa Stamp
Wakayama / Wakayama Prefecture Agricultural Cooperative Federation / A Co-op Gift Certificate
Wakayama / Wakayama Commercial Cooperative Union / Wakayama Common Gift Certificate "Nice Card"
Shimane / Cooperative Association Green Mall / Shopping Town Green Mall Gift Certificate
Okayama / Takeshi Tsuyama Chamber of Commerce / Teshi Commerce and Industry Commemorative Gift Certificate
Okayama / Niimi Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Common gift certificate in Niimi city (Takagi coupon)
Hiroshima / Etajima city gift certificate / Etajima city gift certificate
Hiroshima / Cooperative Shinjin Wakaba Association / Kannabe common gift certificate
Hiroshima / cooperative sun green sun green / gift certificate
Hiroshima / Kawachi-machi Commerce and Industry Cooperative / Kotiyu Ticket
Tokushima / Naruto Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Uzumo Gift Certificate
Kagawa / Ayagawa-cho Chamber of Commerce / Ayagawa Town Gift Certificate
Kagawa / Tonoshocho Commerce and Industry / Olive circulation ticket
Ehime / Matsumae Chamber of Commerce / Matsumae-cho Commerce and Industry Association Gift Certificate
Ehime / Yoshida Mimanaka Chamber of Commerce / gradually common gift certificate
Kochi / Shimantocho Chamber of Commerce / Shimanto Town Common Gift Certificate
Kochi / Nankoku City Commerce and Industry Association / Nankoku Common Gift Certificate "Eco Eco"
Fukuoka / Specified Nonprofit Organization Project · Bodai / Buzen Shopping Ticket
Saga / Maruyama Seal Council / Konoyama Seals Association Gift Certificate
Kumamoto / cooperative association Ueki shopping plaza / gift certificate
Kumamoto / cooperative Uto city shopping center / peer gift certificate
Kumamoto / cooperative association Kamoto shopping center / Rio gift certificate
Oita / Tsukumi Commercial Cooperative Association / Tsukumi Commercial Cooperative Union Commercial Gift Certificate
Miyazaki / Kadokawa-cho Chamber of Commerce / Kadokawa-cho Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gift Certificates
Miyazaki / Kiyotake-cho Commerce and Industry / Kiyotake-cho Commerce and Industry Association Gift Certificate
Miyazaki / Kunitomi-cho common gift certificate secretariat / Kunitomi-cho common gift certificate
Miyazaki / Miyakochocho Chamber of Commerce / Miyakocho gift certificate
Miyazaki / Nango Chamber of Commerce / Nango Commerce and Industry Gift Certificate
Miyazaki / Muzusuru Card Association / Matozuru Gift Certificate
Kagoshima / Otaguchi Sakura Stamp Association / Otaguchi Sakura Stamp Association Gift Certificate
Kagoshima / Gamo-cho Chamber of Commerce / Gamo-cho Common Gift Certificate
Kagoshima / Jinjiang City Shopping Association / Kinko-cho Commercial Venue Gift Certificate
Kagoshima / Cooperative Information Town Koku / Jomon Kizuna Card Prepaid Charge
Kagoshima / Chiraicho stamp meeting / Chirancho stamp meeting common ticket voucher

Local products

·Provider of nation-type regional products
Isetan Co., Ltd. / Nationwide Oryoshuse Gourmet Isetan Buyer's Selection
Enisiru Corporation / Enisiru
GIFCOM CORPORATION / Super Gift Check (Regional Products)
GourNavi Co., Ltd. / GourNavi Food Market
Shady Co., Ltd. / Shady
JTB corporation Tokyo / gourmet magazine "Danchu" carefully selected commodity gem
Senshukai Co., Ltd. / Belle Maison National Gourmet
Travelers Ltd. / Traveler Eco Point Exchange Service
Nippon Express Co., Ltd. / Nippon Express Trading Shop
Brand Research Institute Co., Ltd. / Regional Brands Stock Now, Adult Weekend
Specified nonprofit organization Furusato / coming and going club Hometown Taste and technique direct delivery
Furusato Co., Ltd. / Rin
Total main store HASODOTO CORPORATION / Township water and rice. Local production country, sake in Japan
Mitsukoshi Co., Ltd. / Local specialties (all prefectures)
Post office corporation / post office's home and parcel
Rakuten Co., Ltd. / Rakuten Ichiba
Limbel's local products / Lvbell Corporation

· Regional products suppliers in each prefecture
Hokkaido / corporate office Esprit / Hokkaido seafood In Stock Now
Hokkaido / Farms limited company / Farms production shop
Hokkaido / Hokkaido Kiosk Co., Ltd. / Northern Limited Express
Aomori / Sakurano No Tohoku Co., Ltd. / Sakura Department Store
Iwate / Hops Inc. / Turning and .net
Yamagata / Yamagata Television / Yamagataya
Miyagi / Miyagi Prefecture Association for the Promotion of Massage / Miyagi Prefecture In Stock Now
Fukushima / Limited Company Iwaki Fisheries Promotion / Iwaki Fisheries Promotion
Tochigi / foundation Tochigi product promotion association / tochigi region products
Tochigi / Mashiko Yaki dealer cooperative association / Inquiries for Mashiko Yakin
Chiba / Takayoshi Corporation / Chiba's agricultural products direct selling place Wakuwaku Square
Kanagawa / Television Kanagawa / tvk shop TV station Recommended Kanagawa gourmet
Niigata / Fresh Line / Niigata Fresh Line Niigata
Toyama / Toyama Prefecture Ikiki Bussan Co., Ltd. / Toyama prefecture special products In Stock Now
Ishikawa / Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd. / Kanazawaya
Ishikawa / Co. Ogawa / Noto style store
Yamanashi / Second planning office, Inc. / Yamanashi mail order
Kyoto / Godo Kyoto Kyoto Information Card System / Kyoto Welcome "Miyako no Omo"
Kyoto / Other Co., Ltd. De House / Nippon e Bussan City
Hyogo / Hyogo prefectural birth certificate Hyogo prefecture special product flight
Wakayama / Kinan agricultural cooperative / From the country of Kishu taste
Wakayama / Minabe Forestry Association / Minabe Forestry Cooperative special product
Wakayama / Wakayama prefectural agricultural cooperative association / news of home town from Wakayama
Shimane / Oku-yumo Brewery Co., Ltd. / product sales of Okuzumi products
Shimane / Corporation JA Agri Shimane / Shimane prefecture special products ordered
Shimane / Shimane Prefectural Association of Commodities / Shimane prefecture product catalog gift choice
Okayama / Okayama Prefecture Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association / Tenjinomachi Special Item Hall Sun Mr. Okayama
Okayama / limited company drifting Okayama / Okayama fruit catalog
Tokushima / Tokushima Prefecture Association of Associations / Tokushima Prefecture special products ordered
Fukuoka / The Kitakyushu Tourism Association / Online Shop Kitakyushu Tourism Market
Fukuoka / Kurume area Local Industry Promotion Center / Local produce walnut
Fukuoka / Cross Age Co., Ltd. / Time and flights ~ Enjoy the seasons and ecological vegetables ~
Kumamoto / Corporation CO. Kumamoto / you + you
Miyazaki / Miyazaki Prefecture Product Development Center / Inauguration of Miyazaki prefecture special products
Miyazaki / Miyazaki Yamagataya / Miyazaki Yamagataya
Kagoshima / Kagoshima Prefecture special product association / Kagoshima prefecture special product In Stock Now
Kagoshima / Yamagata / Co. / Yamagataya

■ Environmentally Conscious Products

· Energy conservation / environmentally conscious products etc. provider
ITOCHU Corporation / MOTTAINAI Campaign
Econos Inc. / Econamisse
Kaunet Co., Ltd. / Cowet
Senshukai Co., Ltd. / Belle Maison's eco products
Fine / Green Station Co., Ltd. SHOP
Fujita Shoji Co., Ltd. / e-plan Catalog
Rakuten Co., Ltd. / Rakuten Ichiba
Recruit Co., Ltd. / eyeco
Limber Company Limited / Limber's eco product

It is the first selection result announced this time, it seems that we will regularly recruit replacement items and update the exchange commodity list after July, "I want to receive an ecological point so much People who do not have things at all "may be better off waiting for the second or subsequent selection results to be announced.

6/19 21: 02 additional record

The official website of Eco Point Secretariat has been released from today.

Green appliances Promotion Promotion Project Eco Point

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