A dog who ran away came home as a drug addiction

It is said that there was an incident that the dog who became missing during the walk came back to drug addiction. Drugs seem to be harmful to the body not only for humans but for dogs, how did the owner who saw the dog who had become a drug addiction dealt with it?

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Dog finds dope, eats dope, gets stoned | Metro.co.uk

Jen Nestor Waddell, who lives in Seattle, Washington, said he was taking a walk with his dog Jack (a hybrid of Labrador) at a nearby Suead Park. When he came back from a walk, Jack said he showed symptoms of drug addiction, such as difficulty walking with inexpensive eyes. Waddell worried quickly diagnosed Jack to the veterinarian, and found out that he was swallowing a large amount of dried marijuana. When the veterinarian blew out the stomach contents and let him rest for the night, Jack seems to have returned safely.

This is Jack

Jack's owner Waddell

According to the survey, it seems that someone thought that Jack had eaten the marijuana that someone brought for suction to the park for suction. Waddell notified the police about this case and said he would comment that if he pays Jack's treatment fee $ 1,500 (about 150,000 yen) it would be possible to lend Jack for investigation.

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YouTube - Dog 'Stoned' After Eating Marijuana in Seattle

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