A man who has not returned home almost for ten years and has been traveling a motorcycle forever

I heard that there are some men traveling all over the world by motorcycle, not going back home almost for ten years. It seems that I did not think that it was going to be a long trip so far at the beginning of traveling and it seems that I could not escape from the charm of a trip on the way.

As I go on a trip and come home without coming home at all, I think that the families left behind will be extremely worried and rebound, but the male family seems to be pleased to agree on continuing the journey.

Details are from the following.
Pensioner takes ten-year Gap Year to travel the world by motorbike | Mail Online

Ian Coates (66 years old) from the state of Yorkshire, England, who has been traveling for bikes for 10 years. He came to South Africa to commemorate his retirement for four months, but after that he came to the thought that "It is better to continue the journey as it is" and has already visited 70 countries It seems that the distance has reached 130,000 miles (about 210,000 kilometers).

A picture of Ian. Something fun.

While thanking Judith who is tolerating me for a tremendous journey, Ian said, "I am traveling while doing homework or working part-time, so I do not have any money" Stance to assert.

But my wife Judith returned to the UK as Ellie, my grandson who was born while traveling, will be 1 year old next month and other grandchildren forget about Ian It seems that I actually think that I want it.

Ian is still going on a journey, "I will surely be over 100 years old if I get back from the trip and clean up the errands I have accumulated."

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