A man who shifted 17 kilograms of live maggot worm in one hour to another container with mouth

I think that there are also people who snuff just by hearing it as a maggot, but there seems to be a man who established the Guinness record that 17 kilograms of maggot beetle in the mouth is transferred to another container in one hour.

The man seemed to have practiced before the record was updated, but it was the first time that the badger was actually put in the mouth, and it was a penter beyond imagination.

Let's see what the state of the challenge was like. Please be careful as there is a shocking image.

Details are from the following.
Revolting record for maggot man | The Sun | News | Weird

This time 17 kilograms of maggot worms were moved to another container by mouth because of South African Republic'sEast LondonCharlie Bell (35 years old) who lives in. He seems to have been certified as a Guinness record holder by renewing the Guinness record of 15 kilograms an hour to 2 kilograms so far.

Charlie says that the following is Uzemushi in its mouth. Clicking it will remove the mosaic,Please be careful as it is a shocking image.

This is the scene we are challenging. Click here for mosaic(Caution required).

He seems to have practiced using rice for several months, but he seems to have brought out maggots for the first time on the day of the challenge, and he did not know that it smells extremely unpleasantly. He said that the challenge this time seemed to be crawling in a filthy toilet. Also, it seems that Uzi worms are caught on teeth, face is tingling due to ammonia, and it seems to retire many times with extreme pain.

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