"Mystery Circle Nothing" Ice Circle "Appears

It is thought that "UFO landed in the past" in the pastMystery CircleThere was a time when it became a topic, but this time it seems that a circular pattern called ice circle appears in the lake.

It seems that I'm investigating how Ice circle was made, but I am very worried if the alien is involved.

Details are from the following.
Mysterious 'ice circles' in remote Siberian lake baffle scientists | Mail Online

The ice circle appeared in SiberiaBaikal Lake. Scientists have denied the involvement of UFOs, and assuming that warm water has been blown up into a circular shape from the bottom of the lake, it is said that the source of warm water has not been found and is confused about. Furthermore, similar ice clubs have been found in other parts of Lake Baikal, and it seems that more and more I do not know why the ice circle was made.

This is a picture of an ice circle taken from the International Space Station.

There is an ice circle in the northeast and south of Lake Baikal.

I feel a bit romantic, but if it is made artificially I will be disappointed.

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