The movie published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on YouTube is a good reference as a measure against the new type of influenza

The state of the experiment where the droplet fly about 2 meters by coughing or sneezing, the appearance that it can not be completely prevented even if you wear a mask, the correct way to wash hands over 30 seconds, the map of the place easy to disinfect, A list of symptoms, the possibility of contact infection from door knobs and handrails, etc. are covered, and movies that are fairly concisely and comprehensively summarizedThe Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare publishes on YouTubedoing.

Especially for those who do not see television programs or news, they probably contain a lot of images that they will see for the first time and it is quite helpful.

Therefore, the reproduction is from the following.
YouTube - A familiar precaution measure for H1N1 influenza

Although the above movie lasts for 15 minutes and 36 seconds, it holds all the basic items and is very easy to understand.

Right guided by Yoshinori Yasui, chief researcher of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Research Institute Infectious Disease Information Center

Measures to be taken when a new type of influenza occurs in Japan are explained

The main routes of infection are "droplet infection" and "contact infection". "Droplet infection" is a pattern that it infects by inhaling the virus released with the infected person's cough, sneezing, sputum etc. Another "contact infection" is a virus infection caused by a virus by touching another person (desk, door knob, strap, switch, etc.) after the infected person holds sneeze or cough by hand or wipes his nose with hands It adheres and when another person touches the attached virus and then touches the eyes, nose, mouth again, it infects through the mucosa, conjunctiva and so on.

As an example of droplet infection, you can see an experiment of how far it actually diffuses with coughing or sneezing.

Risk of infection by spraying droplets diffused by an infected person's cough or sneezing on the hands of persons who do not have immunity and rubbing their eyes with their hands or carrying things hand-touched in the mouth or nose That's why gender increases. Therefore, it is understood that contact infection basically means that splashes adhere to hands and that it infects by touching mucous membranes such as the eyes, nose, mouth etc.

Even if you are wearing a mask, you can see it even if you see it, but you can not completely prevent droplet infection from infected people. However, if you do not mask, you can compete with that distance is the difference of muddy. In other words, it is clear that it is more important to attach a mask than to prevent infection, rather than to prevent the infection from spreading further from already infected people. In fact, on the page of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, "We can not completely prevent the infection with the mask alone, so let's do other infection prevention methods, such as taking a distance to each otherIt is written.

In this trend, the same contact infection occurs when an infected person who does not mask coughs or sneezes, the splashes adhere to the hair or clothes, and furthermore they touched the splash by hand You can see that there is a possibility. Therefore, it is important to mask these nonwoven fabrics.

In short, the point of droplet infection and contact infection becomes "hands", so "washing your hands" is quite important. And how to wash this hand is different from ordinary washing.

As an image, I think that the virus of the novel influenza is attached to the hand like this.

If you scrub your eyes and nose without touching your hands or touch your mouth like this, the new influenza virus will invade the body.

It is important to habitually wash hands thinking that viruses are always attached to their hands

How to wash correctly

After wetting the hands with running water, put soap and rub it with the palm of the hand while whipping

I scrub the back of my hand.

I wash between the fingers

Twist and thumb and palm

Wash between the fingertip and the nail with a feeling like pressing the tip of the nail to the palm of your hand

I also wash my wrist

This is the reason for thorough hand washing so far. It is like this where disinfection mistakes are easy to make, and you can see that the fingertips, thumbs and fingers are most likely to be inadequate. It means that the meaning is different from ordinary hand washing.

And lastly use your towel or disposable paper towel etc to wipe off the moisture of your hands

It is quite difficult to thoroughly wash hands like this, so it's easy and recommended to disinfect hands

In that case also do it in the same way as washing your hands

Although it disinfects with alcohol for disinfection for hand hygiene, as long as confirmed, it is also placed in a uniform shop, home center, etc., in addition to a pharmacy. The timing of sterilization is the timing of alcohol evaporation.

Incidentally, this is H1N1 influenza A virus

Even though it is attenuated, the symptom is influenza itself. It is characterized by many cases with diarrhea and vomiting. Of course, as it is natural that the infection is done but it does not occur, it will be cured as it is, so complete containment is not strictly impossible. However, when sudden infection spread begins, in pregnant women and those with impaired resistance, symptoms become serious, so efforts to prevent infection spread are necessary.

Also, if an infected person comes out in the home, there is a possibility of contact infection from door knobs touched by the infected person, railings etc, so it is also necessary to disinfect it with alcohol etc. If you think carefully, there is a possibility that you can touch it with bare hands when going out, so there is a need to protect the hand with gloves and the like in the same way, but the area is not mentioned this time in the same way.

In addition, when sneezing or sneezing, it is required to cover the mouth with a tissue or handkerchief, and it is required to distract the face from other people, and the used tissues are thrown away immediately to the garbage can. Also, you should be careful when you trash that garbage collectively and throw it away.

Since many other points are explained, it is quite a nice summary movie.

In addition, around 21:48 on May 18, 2009Information released by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on the official website, The range of "areas where patients and rich contacts worked" etc. are as follows.

Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City (limited to the areas of Higashinada Ward, Nada Ward, Chuo Ward, Hyogo Ward, Nagata Ward, Kita Ward), the whole of Ashiya city of Hyogo Prefecture, the whole of Osaka prefecture Toyonaka city, the whole of Osaka prefecture Ikeda city, Osaka The whole area of ​​Suita City, Osaka Prefecture throughout Takatsuki City, the whole of Osaka Prefecture Ibaraki City, the whole area of ​​Osaka Prefecture Yao City, the whole area of ​​Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture, the whole of Shimamoto Town, Mishima Gun, Osaka Prefecture

I do not know yet whether this area will be expanded or suppressed, but considering the future (future trends since autumn and the future movement of avian flu, which is said to be highly virulent) in any case It is necessary to emphasize countermeasures against the H1N1 influenza, so if you remember, it is always useful.

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