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Join as a judge in a trial on a serious crime that determines whether an ordinary person is death or life imprisonmentJudge systemWill begin on May 21 after three days, but although there are many people who know the term "judge system"There are over 70% who do not know when to startThat's right.

There are so many people who understand somehow about the judge system, and it seems that less than 20% have examined the judge system on the Internet.

If you look like this, it is a judge system that seems not to be very interested despite its high degree of publicity, but as there is a possibility that you may be nominated as a judge in practice, It may be that you have to study in advance whether you can not go without acting.

So, tomorrowMay 19. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on May 19th one year ago.

Comprehensive security software "E-set Smart Security" that runs insane even if it makes it resident - GIGAZINE

13-year-old girl, suicide bullied by a neighborhood 47-year-old woman impersonating a boy at SNS - GIGAZINE

I heard that pelican expiration is true, I tried calling on Nippon Express - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Panasonic, offensive shipment on TV 1.5 times "Now is a chance" and President Otsubo - ITmedia News(Home appliances, "Current opportunities that other companies have not increased production" and bullish attitude)

Second year from boom: Second Life is an endless user, growing economy (1/2) - ITmedia News(There are also many people who feel that now is more interesting than when they were becoming a boom)

I thought that "There are not many house ads on mixi recently"! I studied variously: Garbagenews.com(Note, consideration as a problem of the entire SNS as well as mixi)

Acting as a voice actor who thought he was ...: VIPPER I(It may be good to start watching animation with animation, people who do not usually watch animation)

Japan's first appearance! What is "curry-flavored clover"? - Tokyo Walker(It is a spice used as a raw material for food, "Mitie" curry, which was improved as raw food)

That "huge demon king" hamburger appeared! - Tokyo Walker(It seems that a magical pouch will come with asking meals, large demon size (4 hamburger tables))

"There is no punch in one episode" Modern cartoon circle talked about by the cartoonist who supported the golden age [with movies] | Trend | Free video GyaO [gao] |(Manga, people who supported the jumping golden age, such as "Decrease in the number of frames", "There is no punch per talk, message quality is light", etc.) tells about the comic world today)

When drying the pants, where do you sew with clothespins? Excite News(If you do not sandwich the rubber, the rubber part will come down and water will accumulate in the rubber and the rubber will deteriorate, it seems better to pinch the rubber part)

In negotiations, which one should you prefer with yourself or others? | Negotiating ability training drills to control partner as you want | Diamond Online(It is important to understand the position of the opponent, but it is not necessary to be patient)

BARKS: What song is Chaku Uta Full (R) heard most? / BARKS news(Music, Yusuke keeping GReeeeN (Yuusuke Ueiji) got the lead)

Kobe newspaper | Society | Why did you concentrate on high-school students with infectious diseases?(Society, young people seem to be likely to have a lot of adults whose symptoms are not confirmed lightly, just because their symptoms are stronger.)

MS secretly conducts public test of the new search service "Kumo": marketing - CNET Japan(Net service, there is a possibility that the name "Kumo" may be changed at the current testing stage)

SMAP The possibility that the dark society starts to move to the early return decision of Kusanagi Tsuyoshi? - daily Saizo(Entertainment, "Beat Takeshi Friday raid incident" as an example, worried that right-wing organizations will move for early return)

【Report】 Alphao Generation, Returning to Children - Tightly holding a 10-yen cook and burning at the "Pastor's Store Game Museum" (1) Tired of chasing net-news ... tired ...... | Online | My Communication Journal(Sightseeing, it may be returned to a child's heart in a very retro atmosphere)

Everyday YOUGI: Thailand has started - A Thai-born pretty game "Re Angel" is something amusing - ITmedia + D Games(The game seems to be completely inspired by Japanese animation)

5 key commercial stations in the U.K., struggling with advertisements First Telecom Defense First Phase Recovery: News - CNET Japan(We also did countermeasures to strengthen broadcasting and non-broadcasting business but could not compensate for declines in advertising revenues)

Painful news (No ∀ `):" Absolutely lie "" No, hey "On the day of school excursion I was canceled at the station and the students were stunned(Society, a state where you do not know whether to conduct school excursion again)

"Dragon Quest" series works are delivered with DSi wear! - Famitsu.com(Board game that manipulates games, monsters as coma and spreads battle)

Funny Kawaii, Musty PS 3 "Toro and Morimori" This summer comes out Nya!(You can enjoy more than 30 mini games besides games and stall mode)

Cheating Takeyama, cheating scene photo! Women are exposed | Spread! Back art(Entertainment has already admitted cheating, apologizing even within the program)

Please do not hesitate to write the conditions that you would like her: Alfalfa Mosaic(Memo, exchange ideas of women statues)

Matsumoto Hitoshi "The deki is not married" The reason and circumstances: Refreshing! It is! : J-CAST TV Watch(Entertainment, according to Kozo Inoue said, they seem to have decided to marry in November)

Bloomberg / Coffee aims for France - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Economy, forecasts of eight overseas industries that will grow in the future)

Difference in income due to high height, weight is unaffected = Australia survey | global speech | Reuters(Work seems to be more expensive if you are tall.)

Lucky day "Lucky Star" Odor Engine oil Oil Oil(2 types of animation, fragrance of peach and scent of mint)

Mac 's 12,000 yen ticket, when used at once it became like this! - Tokyo Walker(Menu for meals, ordinary price of 21,670 yen purchased)

Realize disaster control function on IBM x86 server - Japan(Server, system in which VMware and F5 are linked)

Panasonic releases a single-lens camera compatible with AVCHD "GH 1" - AV Watch(Camera, body only: around 100,000 yen)

News - Science & Space - People with a weak constitution as quickly as possible perceive dangerous sounds - National Geographic Official Japanese Site(People, cautious people inherit their genetic characteristics from their parents)

Celebrity in the United States "4 chan", second in the model · audition program (video) | WIRED VISION(Net, American version "Futaba ☆ chanGirls who boasted overwhelming popularity will miss the victory without regret)

Weather forecast API such as Japan Weather Association free of charge for non-commercial purposes only(IT, although provision is free, it is necessary to receive the examination for purpose of use etc.)

Nathalie - Berryz Kobo of the school runs, a guide to the bus guide Maeyoshi Oe briefly(Entertainment, Berryz Studio sings singing "Inazuma Eleven" new ending theme "Youth Bus Guide" PV appeared in the bus guide cosplay)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): NHK, free video material for general use Landscapes, animals and plants, etc. - Television · Radios · Film · Music · Entertainment(It is possible to use music that received composer's acknowledgment in addition to various technologies, various images)

"The data is huge and it does not turn around" - Police scream in the UK in surveillance camera power country: News - CNET Japan(It seems that it can not be said that society, it can not be said that we can effectively use the system because we can not devote ourselves enough to check the images)

Panda Bank: Drama Expands When You Add Money Panda's love and marriage is also a breeding type savings box (Eitanbu) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Toy, Life Bank panda version)

Hitachi sells highly integrated blade PCs that can mount 320 units in one rack: ITpro(By increasing server and cooling efficiency, we realized high integration of 2.3 times higher than before)

Shipments of servers with virtualization technology increased by 26.5% in 2008 in Europe: ITpro(Server, about 18.3% of all shipped servers were used to run the virtual server)

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