Sony's wholly entering Walkman "X series" drops, the price difference with iPod touch shrinks

In addition to carrying digital noise canceling function that Sony can cut noise by 98% on April 25, high-quality 3.0-inch organic EL display corresponding to touch operation, 1 seg, and by adopting wireless LAN, browsing and YouTube It is possible to watchFlagship model Walkman "X series"Although it released, it became clear that it was going down steadily from the initial price of release.

The price gap with Apple's iPod touch, which is thought to compete, has also shrunk, making it a happy situation for high-end oriented users.

Details are as below.
Price .com - SONY NW-X 1060 Red (32GB) Compare Prices

According to the major price comparison site "", as of May 17, 0:00, the red model of Sony 's high - end walkman "NW - X 1060" equipped with 32 GB flash memory has become 42,000 yen. IncidentallyBlack modelIt is also 42,000 yen.

Price variation graphIt is like this. Although it was around 45,000 yen at the time of release on April 25, despite only two weeks passed, the price fell steadily.

In addition, Apple's"IPod touch" 32GB modelIs 39145 yen as of May 17th at 0:00, the price difference is shrinking from the initial release of "NW - X1060".

"IPod touch"Price variation graph. It has fallen about 1000 yen in 2 months from the middle of March to the middle of May, and it slowly declined.

It also has an innovative interface to the "X series" that sticks to sound quality and image quality, such as noise canceling technology and organic EL display, and "iPod touch" where you can add applications freely with "App Store", each merit and disadvantage Although it seems that there is, it may be glad for the user that the price difference will shrink due to price cuts and the number of options will increase.

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