A movie that draws a night city view of a big city fully automatically by a computer

The Hollywood movie CG scene is one of the reasons why many CG artists are budget rising due to manual creation using many expensive equipment. There is a person who tried to generate night scenery of a big city which is superior to CG of only with one computer anywhere.

ManuallytextureDrawing or being mounted on a graphic boardPixel shaderAs you can see, spectacular nightscapes are generated using only polygons and textures that are automatically generated by internal programs without the need to give special effects using external programs. It might be a good hint as to how to trick human eyes with simple mechanisms to create a tremendous image.

Details are below.
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This program was created by Mr. Shamus Young and in the above Mr. blog, each algorithm is explained in detail. It seems that the program production time is about 30 hours, but it has become a workmanship that does not make such feeling at all. Incidentally,Source code is published hereSo, what about interested people looking inside?

YouTube - Pixel City - Procedurally generated city
First, texture to express windows. I will spread windows like this.

By changing the color of this window or adding noise, it expresses the inside. Some windows are dark gray to represent the light leaking from the next room.

Next, we create a building by combining rectangular parallelepipeds. Just by making some basic parts and combining it appropriately will create hundreds of patterns of buildings.

Somehow classic style skyscraper. It has a complex shape, but only combines a rectangular parallelepiped and a square pyramid.

The latest office tower is also this street. It is just like having a texture on a cylinder. Incidentally, there are things in the building where the signboards are out, but this is also automated, such as generating randomly some words.

Prepare a road pattern to spread the building. Each building has a different shape, but since the bottom surface is standardized, there is no problem with a simple square pattern.

When building, we will arrange the building so that the center rises and the surrounding area becomes lower. To make it look more natural as the density of the building is dense and thin.

Place the sky and cloud expressions in the background and place the contour line black. And if I blur the window of the building a bit ... ...

Realistic night view is completed at once. The same position as the above image added realism which I can not imagine.

Let's add red and white light further along the way.

As if the car is running. Even if it is shown at once, it does not look just by combining simple shapes.

Creator'sShamus YoungMr. "I tried to make it a screensaver for the time being"I have released a screensaver for Windows.

For example, incorporating this algorithm into a game with the theme of urban warfare to create a map randomly ... etc, it may be fun to become fighting with a fresh map each time.

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