A man who attacked a woman without knowing the Taekwondo experts will get over

A man who attacked a woman who was in the elevator is a movie that is going back to the contrary. This woman is an expert of Taekwondo, and overwhelm the robbery with brilliant body care.

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??: For girls students? Fist road pain hit? Dumbling? Man _ Shinnan ?? _ Shinki net

A woman came into the elevator.

This woman is a black band Taekwondo expert.

A man with a burglar came on board.

When a woman arrives at the descending floor and tries to get off the elevator,

The robber closes the elevator door by pressing the "close" button.

Afterwards she was seized by a woman,

It is made into a mountain position.

Robbery tries to escape when the door opens,

It will not escape.

Even if it escaped somehow, it seems that it became sluggish to be chased by a woman.

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