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Calbee Co., Ltd.Limited potato chips using freshly brewed potatoes"Summer potato sticking beach salt (Hamamishio)" "Summer potato Kishu south high (Nanko) plum"It will be released from June 1, 2009 (Monday). Because it uses only freshly brewed potatoes, vitamin C is abundantly included, and it is characterized by the crispy texture of crinkle cut and the refreshing taste.

So next MondayMay 18. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on May 18th one year ago.

A movie to undress women's clothes one by one with a shovel car - GIGAZINE

Do not you know this ferocious cat? - GIGAZINE

A playground made to please the child, a bear was playing when I woke up in the morning - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Softbank objections due to the frequency / share connection fee gap(Mobile and SoftBank Mobile connection fees are not disclosed)

10% of middle 2 using mobile phone "I got caught by my friend without replying immediately" experience(Approximately 25% of the total becomes uneasy if there is no reply to mobile and mail)

Docomo commented on "HTC made Android terminal release"(Mobile, "I'm going to have a new model presentation so please wait till then")

E · Mobile, 50% of net increase, 100 yen PC purchase, 10% not connected(Mobile, 100 yen computer has become the driving force to increase net increase)

【PC Watch】 Sharp, Mr. Kanon Manabe appears at the new Mebius release event ~ For a woman who deceives with a paper and a good point of a personal computer(Hardware, the new Mebius finally released)

【PC Watch】 Toshiba filed suit against eight Imation companies due to patent infringement on DVD recording disc(Assuming that you imported or sold discs without entering license agreement on notes, DVD patents)

StarChild: Penalty · Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei(Animation, the opening theme song is decided as "apples miserable beam!" Singing by Otsuki Kenji and despairing girls)

Production I.G [Latest information] - "Miyamoto Musashi - a dream to twin swords -" Release date determination!(Released from 13th June at Theatre Shinjuku · Theaters Umeda · Gold Theater)

Swordsmith of the Holy Sword (Blacksmith)(Anime, the official website is open)

Held from today! The Asakusa Three Company Festival is a spectator and crowded - Tokyo Walker(Event,Training association ceremony of Taima-ji (tomagara)In KyotoAoi FestivalThe festival season has arrived nationwide etc.)

Okinawa · FC Ryukyu mascot "Gushke kun" What is news - ORICON STYLE -(Society, "Forgiveness" is not felt at all and a trained physical body and stunning Afro)

Which country would you live permanently in a country other than Japan? 3000 questionnaire | Future search gadget communication(Memo, the most popular is America, followed by Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Australia)

NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net): Eco point first day, starting calm authentic shopping season is a weekend(Economy, "eco point" system that encourages purchase of energy-saving home appliances introduced today)

Ecological character of the Ministry of the Environment "It seems as if Yodare is drooling as if it is as it is" It is unpopular on the net | Future search gadget communication(Note, the mouth of a bear-like character is "p" of "point")

Disappeared sunspots - more stable than efficiency(Activity of science and solar activity is almost correlated with the number of sunspots appearing on the surface, but the days when sunspots are hardly observed continue for a long time)

New Influence: "Viruses Naturally Occur" No humanitarian deny ... WHO - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Denial of doubt that medicine, the new virus may have occurred by accident in the process of culture experiment of virus and vaccine)

Mating fonts and making new fonts "genoTyp" funny - cooked blog(Web services, fonts that are not similar or similar to "parents" or fonts like throwbacks in reverse)

Criticized rush criticism for women's marriage site "boys ranch" Review name change (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News(Set the keyword "Internet", "men" by setting keywords such as "Ikemen ← → Bustamen" "Bonbon ← → Poor")

Girls, school girls, daughters of men ... Parody sites of the topic "boys ranch" appear one after another | Trend | Free video GyaO [gao] |(Internet, 'Girls ranch' appeared at once)

I went to the society people saying "Ira", wording, "___ ___ ___ 0" or "___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0(Some people use notes, "Bukkake" "- like" "Chiette" etc. in the workplace)

FNN News: U.S. "Miss California" Selected Women's Homosexuals Dispersed with Remarkable Remarks(Although I was discussing at overseas, semi-nosed photo leaks etc, I was to stay in Miss California)

Techinsight »【From EU! Breaking News】 The oldest Venus statue in the world is discovered (Germany)(Archeology, it is quite sexy figure)

"Percentage of" meat meat ", how much are cows and pigs? Excite News(Food, cattle 7 for hamburger steam - 3 seems to be good)

Hidden popularity! What is a stick type "curry with crude drug" - Tokyo Walker(Food, warming unnecessary, "Nintendo dietary curry" which can be eaten as it is)

NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net): Concerns that "fish departure" progresses 08 Fisheries White Paper(Food, consumption of fishes and shellfishes per person per person is overwhelmed by meat in 2006, which is concerned that children's healthy development will be affected)

Is it bad for your body to wear a futon from his head and go to bed? Excite News(Though there are many people wearing futons to the head for reasons such as memo, warm and secure feeling, but not healthily good)

Muso waits for "Fuusafusa Highway" free ticket | Excite News(Memo, "Musashi" (Masukune) town in Hokkaido and Toyomita Town "Fusasusa Highway")

Herbivorous boys' real intention: Nikkei Business Online(Memo, a meat eatery Lyoko talks about herbivorous boys if seen)

"Nogyaru" Mr. Shiho Fujita, Looking for applicants for agricultural experience - This month "Shibuya rice" rice planting - Akita Keizai Shimbun(The reason for choosing Akita for the project "Nogyaru", a social project in which Gal in Shibuya conducts agriculture is because "Akita is the hometown of the statue of Hachiko in front of Shibuya station")

Japan representative Miss Universe takes courtesy to Prime Minister(Domestic, "The prime minister was deeply impressed with fashionable people, I want to aim for the number one in the world", Eri Miyasaka)

Cannes fashion | Reuters.com(Slideshow, fashion of celebrities who appeared at Cannes Film Festival)

Let me alive ... Farah Foreset for a long time "Fight against cancer" (1/2 pages) - MSN Sankei News(Farrah Foreset who overwhelmed the world in Charlie's Angels overseas, in the 1970s)

Severe reality in Oscar movie child role ... forced removal of "slum dog" residence - MSN Sankei news(Overseas, poverty does not change even if the movie is a big hit)

Bear Rapid Impression of the People 's Moe Image Give me please(Memo, Popular with popularity with a fire with Mr. Mako's beautiful girls)

Empress: Visit the local open day childcare facility Tokyo / Minato-ku - Mainichi Newspaper (Mainichi Newspaper)(Society, as beautiful as ever)

Arrest of 32-year-old man who invaded "smell of gym clothes" elementary school - MSN Sankei news(Society, "I was interested in smell of gym clothes for boys, I could not be satisfied with the video, I wanted to do it directly.")

IPhone development. Let's move the sample first - @ IT(If you have IT, Mac, I definitely want to try developing the iPhone application as well)

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