A man who has not been washed for about 35 years and has not spent his teeth polishing

It seems that a man is in India who has spent a long period of about 35 years without washing his body.

He said that he did not wash his body to wash his body but did not dare to wash his body to make his wish come true.

The reason that I did not wash my body and brush my teeth is as follows.
Indian dad avoids washing for 35 years: report

20 Minuten Online - Kein Bad seit 35 Jahren - Kreuz und Quer

Kailash Kalau Singh living in the outskirts of Varanasi along the Ganges River in India seems to perform rituals called "fire bath" every night instead of washing or brushing their teeth. This ceremony stands with one foot by the bonfire and smokes marijuana's smokeShiva"This ceremony is like taking a bath, kills bacteria and prevents infection into the body," Kailash says.

Kailash (63) is spending herself without washing her body.

Kayash refused the ritual of entering the Ganges river when his brother died five years ago and made the family anger. In addition, as customers no longer come, my grocery store is closed, so now he seems to be cultivating near the Varanasi airport.

Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Madhusudan of the neighbor said that Kailash is doing ceremonies for the national interest, but "Another reason is that Kailash said that if you stop taking a bath for a prophet, a boy will be given" I am speaking.

Kailash has seven daughters, but in India the boy who is the earner of the family is preferred, and in the case of girls it seems that it is thought that it will be a burden to hand a dowry to the other family at the time of marriage .

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