British white-police police force, sold all the owned bikes will be abolished

Speaking of Britain, it is a motorcycle country.NortonYaTriumphTraditional motorcycle manufacturer such as motorcycle race was born, and at the end of May every year the world's largest public road bike race "Isle of Man TT RaceAlthough it is also a country with a long history of motorcycles such as being held, the police in the North Ambria region in the UK have sold all the motorbike of the white bear squad and decided to abolish the corps, some of which have already been sold It seems that it has been done. What on earth did such a thing happen?

Details are below.
Health and safety: police force sells motorbikes - Telegraph

According to the police 's announcement, "The bike is weak against a collision accident and can not secure the safety of a police officer," he said that he decided to abolish the whaling battalion. Some of the owned bikes are already paid to other white bear squadrons, and the remaining ones are also removed from the equipment and are put on the auction. The members of the white aloof party are said to be incorporated into the car group without being fired.

The executive says "I can work the same way as a motorcycle even with a car", but from the police officer in the scene "I have never heard of a police officer without a whiting party" "In a place where a car such as a traffic jam or a narrow road can not enter Even though it is convenient to run, "the strong repulsion voice is also rising. Furthermore, it is said that the floating expenses will be used to strengthen the security of the neighborhood.

The motorcycle uses its mobility, is active as a key to protecting the safety on the street, and also carries out incidental work such as guarding VIP and leading a marathon every day, so can you do the same thing in a car Doubt. As for the reason of abolition, except for "for the safety of the crew members", it is not made clear, but perhaps there are other reasons such as expenses for maintenance and environmental measures.

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