A woman who conceals her mother's body in her bedroom for 6 years and deceived over 20 million yen in pensions etc. is sued

It seems that a woman who concealed the dead mother's body six years ago and deceived a total of 20 million yen or more, including pensions, was sued. The police seemed to investigate taking into consideration the possibility of a murder case, but what was the result like?

Details are from the following.
Florida woman keeps mother's dead body in house for six years - Telegraph

Jordan (61 years old) was accused this time. Jordan's mother died in 2003, but Jordan suspected that his mother's body was concealed in the bedroom in an attempt to continue receiving social insurance money and military incentives. He said he was deceiving the social insurance money of 174,661 dollars (about 17 million yen) over the next 6 years, the military person's salary of 61,415 dollars (about 6 million yen), the total of 238,776 dollars (about 24 million yen) .

The police who thought suspicious at the end of April investigated the house of Jordan 's house. He seems to have arrested for fraud and theft as he found a mother's body in bedroom. Jordan suspects that "the mother got old age and took over his life, because he had no funeral expenses, he left it as it was." It seems that it was judged that it is not a murder case as the testimony because the bodies had no trauma.

In local paper, it is expected that it will be sentenced to 15 years in prison due to fraud and theft.

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