What is an outbreak of "swine flu" outbreaks in the US Army in 1976 to humans?

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the alert level from Phase 3 to Phase 4 as the infection from person to person has started to increase, swine influenza is gradually approaching a sense of crisis, but each newspaper in MexicoThis source of influenza is a high-density pig farm run by Smithfield Foods Company, the world's largest pig farming companyIt seems that there is a pig farm in La Gloria village where the occurrence is expected to have started.

Also,Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareThe "About the occurrence situation of influenza-like diseases in Mexico and the United StatesAccording to the document that swine flu outbreaks occurred in 1976, cases occurred in the US military were introduced and it is quite interesting content.

Details are as below.
[PDF file] About the occurrence situation of influenza-like disease in Mexico and the United States

Are there other examples of outbreaks of swine flu?

Probably the best known case is a case of soldiers among the soldiers who happened in Fort Dix, New Jersey in 1976. X - ray examination confirmed pneumonia from virus infection, at least four soldiers recognized viral pneumonia, one died. Both of these five people were healthy before infection. It is thought to have been infected within a group closely contacted during training at the base. This virus spreads for about a month, and then it seems to have disappeared. I am not well aware of the origin of the virus, the precise time of entry into Forticus, the cause of infection spread and its epidemic period. The outbreak in this Fort Dix may be the invasion of animal-derived viruses into the facility where the population concentrates during the winter. The swine influenza virus that was collected from soldiers of Fort Dix was named A / New Jersey / 76 (Hsw 1 N 1).

After all, the route of invasion is unknown, the time of invasion is unknown, the cause of infection spreading is also unknown, and it is full of unknown and unknown, it is quite uncanny.

According to this data, this swine flu is different from usual influenza in that it spreads among young healthy people, in short, among healthy people aged 20 to 45 years of age. Normal influenza is affected by infants and the elderly, but in Mexico there is no significant impact on these age groups.

In addition, the swine influenza virus (H1N1 subtype) detected this time has been unprecedented by not having been detected by pigs or people so far.

At the moment, administration of anti-influenza medication as a therapeutic drug is being carried out, and administration of oseltamivir or zanamivir is recommended in the United States, but resistance to amantadine and rimantadine has already been recognized, and from these facts Therefore, it is judged that the possibility of explosive epidemic has become higher all over the world, Phase 4 was issued from WHO.

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