Require Chinese compulsory disclosure of the source code, Prime Minister Aso to consult a request for review

China is a design drawing of the software that is the basis of IT products and it is absolutely not to be known to the other party in order to raise the profit "Source codeIn May it will establish a system to force overseas manufacturers to disclose "I told you at GIGAZINE the other dayIt was revealed that Prime Minister Aso will request review at the summit meeting.

There is concern that disclosure of source code not only leads to decryption of cryptographic information such as ATM and IC card, but also concern that it could lead to leakage of state secrets, but is the Chinese government reformed by direct consultation? Cow.

Details are as follows.
IT confidential disclosure in China, Prime Minister to review review at summit meeting: Politics: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun news agency, Prime Minister Aso is preparing the core information "source code" of digital home appliances etc. China is planning to introduce from May at the Japan-China summit scheduled to be held in Beijing on 29th tomorrow It is said that the company has strengthened its policy of requesting the Chinese side to review the introduction of a system that forcibly discloses to the Chinese side.

This is what the government sources revealed on the 27th, Prime Minister Aso said at the summit meeting concerning the introduction of the source code compulsory disclosure system, "We are concerned that trade between Japan and China will be a big hindrance" It is a policy to encourage him to see him off for the time being.

In addition, after the meeting, the government has said that it will encourage foreign manufacturers, including withdrawal of the system itself, to revise systems that can be dealt with.

Incidentally, the Chinese government surrounded the whole of the domestic Internet connection with a huge firewall called "Great Firewall", and a major search engine site'Google' censors search resultsIn addition,Report images of foreign countries on Tiananmen IncidentEtc. have been uploadedAccess to YouTube is prohibitednot only,Contents of Skype chat are censoredAlthough thorough information control is realized by the policy of the government, is it possible to change the policy of the Chinese government at the summit talk which even the famous international company could not change? Prime Minister Aso's skill is questioned.

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