"Holographic disk" which realized the capacity of 20 times the capacity of Blu-ray, finally 500 GB has appeared

At GIGAZINE in 2006"Holographic disk" as a next-generation optical disk is scheduled to appear in the futureI told you that it was finally clear that it appeared at last.

In addition to realizing a large capacity of 500 GB corresponding to 20 Blu-ray discs per one sheet, it maintains compatibility with conventional discs.

Details are as follows.
US GE demonstrates micro-holographic storage technology capable of storing 500 GB of data | Nikkei Press Release

According to this release, it is said that American GE succeeded in experiments of microholographic storage material which can record 500 GB of data on the same size disk as DVD.

The microholographic disk developed this time is said that the recording format is different from the current optical storage such as DVD and Blu-ray disk, DVD and Blu-ray disc use only the surface of the disk to store information On the other hand, the holographic storage technology has a format that utilizes the whole disk such as writing and reading a three-dimensional pattern representing information bits to disk.

Although the format is different, fundamentally, both the format of the microholographic disk and the hardware are very similar to the current optical storage technology, so the reading lenses adopted in ordinary Blu-ray players and In addition to being able to use the same thing, it is said that compatibility is superior, such as being able to reproduce all of CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc.

By the way it is about the time of entry, which is worrisome, "It is closer than you thinkIn the future it seems that development of disks exceeding 1 TB is also in the view.

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