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Male businessmen in their thirties who are at the forefront of the economy and society are in the harsh environment and the physical disorder due to stiff shoulder and back pain also increases, but Taisho summarized it(PDF file) "Actual condition and coping method of change of 30-year businessman / body and" decline "According to them, two men in their thirties male businessmen routinely complain of stiff neck, back pain, etc. In addition, although I am consuming an average of 3600 yen per month as maintenance fee of the body, about three quarters of people are asking for stronger paint and sticking medicine, and figures showing harsh reality are coming out.

So, from tomorrow I will go to Golden Week nationwide and I think that more people will be off, but GIGAZINE will also update frequency accordingly, so the next headline newsMay 7. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on May 7th one year ago.

Microsoft will start offering Windows XP SP3, available for download on Windows Update - GIGAZINE

Flash - GIGAZINE can continue to crush bubble wrap used as cushioning material

Eggs four times as large as chickens brought - GIGAZINE

Superheroes displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Kitano Makoto last appearance before entertainment activities self-control - Entertainment News: nikkansports.com(Talent Kitano Makoto, who refrains from performing arts activities due to inappropriate remarks at entertainment, Osaka radio etc, has appeared live in "Ruiichi" who will be a main personality on the 27th)

Case that the DS version "Let's go by train" is god excessive and crazy | C.I.L (Charismatic Itabashi Lover)(Game, the introduction is smoother and the tempo may be better as the long-lasting series)

Turn over the concept of capacity on hard disks Drobo: [mi] Like it!(Hardware, external HDD case that makes management that will arbitrarily build up RAID easier for transcendence)

Facebook accepts OpenID for the first time at large site(Internet, Does OpenID that can use ID common to multiple sites spread at a stretch this way?)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: The fishing moat of the district is free or 30 yen(Entertainment, nature which can be easily touched in the middle of the city)

Flash and Action Script 3.0 Tutorial 30 | CREAMU(Net, 30 frequently-selected effects of Flash effect)

Impression after finishing roughly reading the iPhone SDK textbook(Note, IT is object-oriented but grammar completely different from Java)

"Twelve questions to heterosexual" remarks archive - Hatena Haiku remark archive(What will you see if you direct questions to people with sexual orientation other than social, heterosexuals toward heterosexuals)

Nathalie - Perfume "Pino" Challenging cabin attendant with new CM(Entertainment, CM song is the concept of CM and Yasutaka Nakata wrote down "NIGHT FLIGHT")

AR scratching on Vimeo(Turntable which applies motion picture and AR technology and decorates record without permission)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Supreme Court Disapproves 'Corporal Punishment' Accrual Kumamoto Damages Litigation - Society(Education, "We abandoned the accreditation that it was not done to give physical suffering as a punishment for a prank by doing to guidance")

Abusing hot water to a daughter, arresting a mother and a friend ... "Crying scene is interesting" - MSN Sankei News(Society seems to have planned to put the eldest daughter in hot water, thinking of the state of comedian entering hot water)

US Presidential Aircraft Flight Low on Ground Zero NY citizens and others Panic - MSN Sankei News(I explained that it was flight for international photography and training and announced apology statement)

5 tips to speak like President Obama - builder by ZDNet Japan(Communication, five important techniques to deliver your opinion to unspecified people, not one-to-one)

Pioneer's share price has already risen by a factor of 5 - To public fund injection: Column - CNET Japan(It seems that the market is fairly favorable due to economy, speculation that Honda's support has also entered final adjustment)

YouTube - Free Hugs Prank: $ 2 Deluxe Hugs(Movie, Itazura movies offering a fee "Deluxe Hug" paid beside those offering free hugs and getting in the way)

"Pretty much a heal with a bounty hunter" Tanaka Suzuki of extremely poor V ... Beach volleyball: Ball games: Sports: Sports notification(Sports, "You can not eat just because it is cute as Asao) We comment that it is fine for bounty hunts"

Think about things after hit - Resident Early training materials(It is more important to write troubleshooting methods than to write, not to think troubles in manuals, manuals)

Amazon Acquires Lexcycle, a Supplier of E-Book Reader STANZA: ITpro(Internet with Amazon, Kindle is also reaching the world of e-books)

"Ubuntu 9.04" that makes sure evolution is felt - SourceForge.JP Magazine(IT, easy-to-use Linux distribution with easy-to-use installer)

21 tips to earn links and Twitter posts in blog posts (Part 1) | Web Contact Forum(Skills, a collection of hints for writing easy-to-understand and easy-to-write texts)

Car Jack Street: All-you-can-eat game of robbery, car thief, conflict, ambulance delivery, pizza delivery, real time interlocking. 424(Game, all-you-can-eat games that are reputable for former developers of Grand Theft Auto)

10 Tips in Safely Disposing Computer Equipment - 10 Secrets Surviving the IT Industry - ZDNet Japan(Security, it is important not only to erase data on the PC but also to properly manage people who can access it)

I go out with a troublesome man.(Psychology, dating with a man who can not decide by myself what you want to eat is certainly troublesome)

Two women pair traveling to Hokkaido, total damage 2.6 million yen: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Society, the two staffed about 65 scribes repeatedly in about three months, mainly in Hokkaido) and was spending on religious expenses etc)

Fixed rate benefit: Inclusive suspension to DV husband, another three temporary disposition applications - Yokohama District Court / Kanagawa - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Society, DV victims often do not transfer resident cards to hide the address after living separately can not receive flat rate benefits)

News: Tonohara / Hashimoto / Governor Morita attends "Warroad" preview in a pantscase? Hollywood channel where movies become more interesting(Entertainment, Social satire control groupThe news paperImitated performance by various people)

Office 2007 SP 2 Japanese language publication on April 29, IME improvement and OpenOffice document correspondence implemented: ITpro(It supports IT, ISO certified OpenDocument Format as standard)

"Nico Nico Video" App for iPhone Appears - MSN Sankei News(In addition to connection via mobile and wireless LAN, iPhone 3G can connect using SOFTBANK's line)

With Doblog exit, Hatena and Livedoor move blog move(Net, paid plan will be free for one month only)

Swine flu: Use of pigs made in Mexico, sales of set meal stopped - Matsuya Foods - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Society, "We have cleared the import quarantine and we have determined that there is a possibility of harming customers' security though there is no safety problem)

Itamono of Imadoki: Knowing "identity" of "Radeon HD 4770" that entered the 40 nano generation (1/3) - ITmedia + D PC USER(PC part, middle range VGA card but quite a performance and low power consumption are attractive)

Yuko Rin 's "Prince" is Sekine Tsutomu! Is it? / Entertainment Social News / Daily Sports online(Entertainment, "It seems that I want you to pick me up as a friendly person like Mr. Sugane Sekine by age 28")

D-BOYS Nakamura running though not permitted to play / entertainment / society / daily sports online(Performing entertainment during the interview of the leading movie "Wangan Midnight THE MOVIE")

Because it does not go out grass? Smasma paint collections are the lowest numbers this year (Entertainment) - Sponichi Annex News(Entertainment, this program has earned an audience rating of about 16% on average on this program, but it was the first time that it became the 13% level, which made me feel the influence of the incident)

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