There was a crocodile of 3 meters or more when opening the door

Because there was a phone called "I can not go outside" from a neighbor, when I opened the door of the entrance as to what was happening, the event that there was an alligator over 3 meters in front of me was in front of me It seems there was. If you look at the pictures taken from the door, you know that it is not surprising when you are attacked, it is pretty impressive.

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Woman gets enormous alligator surprise |

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Belinda · Donaldson who lives in Tampa, Florida, USA, on April 23rd, from a neighbor, "Opening the entrance door by opening a door" because there was a phone saying "You better not go out and stay still in the house" It seems that there was an alligator with a body length of 11 feet (about 3.3 meters) in front of my eyes.

There is something in front of the door.

When approaching ... ....

It was a crocodile. It is quite large.

When opening the door it looks something like this. close…….

Start capturing crocodiles with traps.

I will pull out the crocodile with slurping.

Even if an alligator is taken or not, desperately resist.

It is said that the crocodile was taken over a truck on a truck and taken to somewhere. According to Mr. Belinda, he seems to have seen a crocodile several times at a nearby pond, but he seems to have never seen a big crocodile here.

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