Finally the SSD "Z-Drive" which realized ultra high-speed transfer and large capacity will start selling in Japan, what is the price you care?

Previously at GIGAZINESSD "Z-Drive" realizing ultra high-speed transfer with a maximum capacity of 1 TBI informed you that it appeared, but it became clear that it will be released in Japan at last.

Although it is an ultra high-spec SSD, what is the price like? In addition, it is announced about the detailed specifications and the release time which you are concerned.

Details are as follows.
OCZ Z-Drive | OLIOSPEC Internet Shop

Computer parts shop "OLIOSPEC (ORIO SPEC)According to the official page of "April 27, 2009 11:45 am, reservation acceptance of the OCZ made SSZ" Z-Drive "compatible with PCI Express x4 connection has been accepted. The price has a maximum reading speed of 450 MB / s (450 MB per second) and a maximum writing speed of 300 MB / s (300 MB per second)250 GB modelIt is 198,000 yen.

This is "Z-Drive".

The back side looks like this. A fan is installed.

Also, the maximum reading speed is 510 MB / s per second and the maximum writing speed is 480 MB / s per second500 GB modelIs 31800 yen, the maximum reading speed is 500 MB / s and the maximum writing speed is 470 MB / s1 TB modelIt is 492 thousand yen.

Both are adopted as high-speed type MLC (multi-level cell) for flash memory, and the release will be scheduled for the second week of May. If the number of arrivals falls below the number booked, it will be shipped on a first-come-first-served basis, and depending on the number of arrivals the order may be canceled depending on subsequent price increases.

Both models are very expensive, but for someone who pursues the finest performance it may be an unbearable gem.

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