Thirty-six scenery of Fumako collected by gathering 24 million pieces of trash in the Pacific Ocean

Katsushika Hokusai that he made it from countless plastic waste drifting in the seaThirty-six scenic spotsArt work reproducing "Kanagawa Okinawa". Although the number of garbage collected is also enormous, the size of the work seems to be huge, about 2.4 meters in length and 3.3 meters in width.

Details are as below.
Chris jordan photography

This was made with a lot of garbage "Kanagawa Okinawa".

Up the part of Mt. Fuji.

Further up. The garbage is getting better.

Things such as combs and toothbrushes that clearly show the shape are also used.

Anyway, it was full of garbage. The sea which looks beautiful when seen from a distance seems to be dirty as well.

Chris Jordan did art production.

In addition to 'Kanagawa Okiwami', you are making art that gathers countless objects in the same way, and you can see the photos from the links below.

Chris jordan photography

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