Healthy Burger "Vegetable Burger" tasting review made with tofu and vegetables without using meat review

From the freshness burger, a healthy hamburger "vegetable burger" that does not use meat was launched, so I went to eat. When it says hamburger simply it is an image that putty is sandwiched between buns, but he seems to be using tofu instead of patty. It is true that it is healthy, but is the taste okay?

Review from below.
A vegetable burger "vegetable burger" using tofu and vegetables without using meat emerged from 4/20!

Arrived at the shop.

Since the vegetable burger has just appeared today, it seems that it is not reflected in the shop front board yet.


Vegetable burgers seemed to be limited in number.

Wait for the order to be completed looking at the Burger sample. It is a big deal if a burger as this sample comes out ... ....

Burger completed. Vegetable Burger (420 yen) on the left, Classic Burger on the Right (480 yen).

As the name suggests, classic burger is an orthodox hamburger.

The amount of lettuce is large, and tomatoes are cut thick slices are on board.

Although Patty is not juicy like Wendy's, it is big and satisfying. Because ketchup and mustard can adjust the amount after it by oneself, it is good to be able to taste like it. Whether it's lettuce or tomato, it is very fresh, and this is not a characteristic burger, but it is well-balanced and after we finish eating it is very satisfying. Personally, I am very pleased if you can put a lot of pickles.

And this is a vegetable burger. It is a real name "tofu avocado burger" although it is named vegetable.

Baked tofu is caught instead of patty, thick sliced ​​tomato slices on it, and avocado topped. The source is a special sauce called HELISH RELISH Sauce, replacing the tasty tomatoes and avocado with the whole balance. Although it looks a bit uneasy, when you try it, warm tofu and cold avocado unexpectedly match, and the spicy Hellish relish source is tightening the impression. Depending on the person, the sauce has flowed by any means and some people saw tofu and avocado at first with no tasteless burger, but a lot of sauce was accumulating in the latter side, so it seems that it will be ridiculous You may as well as eat freshly made fish.

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