A man riding a bicycle while going upside down naked and wearing a tightrope for a life

A man who shows off his good balance with various cliffs is taken to take a climate or take a tightrope over a bicycle while turning upside down to further put himself in danger.

It looks somewhat perverted, but what I am doing is unexpected performance that I doubt my eyes.

Details are as below.
Do not look down: The incredible daredevil who balances on the edge of 1,000 ft cliffs | Mail Online

Eskil Ronningsbakken wandering at a height of 1000 meters in Norway's fjord.

Eskil, who says "There is life in the place to balance life and death" went to Poly Joy Circus in Moscow at the age of 18, refined the technique to balance, he said he has done various performances so far. Eskil expressed this performance as art, not stunt, and in the future it will be the highest in Dubai in the worldBurj HotelsIt seems that he wants to take a balance on.

Eskil who stands a pole on a rock clasped by a cliff and then stands on a chair on it.

"Of course, I feel terror, because it is a self-defense instinct that human beings have, but since fear leads to mistakes, when I tackle a new project I have to control myself, if the fear becomes uncontrollable then that time will stop quitting" Eskil says to him.

Death is waiting if you break the balance even a little.

A movie by Eskil walking around a bicycle in the rain.
YouTube - Amazing balance - Eskil - scary cycling Kjerag Lysefjorden Norway - globalbalancing.com

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