Brothers who killed their older brother and kept eating bodies for half a year to destroy evidence

A brother who had killed three elder brothers of the three brothers at the end of the fight and continued to eat the bodies for half a year in order to destroy evidence seems to have been arrested. Brothers filed a lawsuit against the police for falsehood that the older brother disappeared, but on the contrary it resulted in a suspicion that it resulted in an arrest.

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Russian Cannibals: Men 'Kill And Eat Their Older Brother' In Central City Of Perm | World News | Sky News

Located on the western side of the Ural mountains in central RussiaPermTimur (28 years old) and Mr. Muller (23 years old) living in the town saying that his brother Raftis was missing, but because the statements of Timur and Mahler were suspicious and suspicious, The police who thought suspiciously seemed to have conducted a house investigation. As a result of the investigation, I found the remains of Rafis buried in the garden. Timur and Mahler are said to be arrested on charges of murder and deceased carcasses.

The left-hand side was murdered in Rafis and the two on the right were Timur and Mahler

According to a survey thereafter, Timur and Mahler stated that he had eaten the meat that had been cut off from the body of Rafis and torn the body part and stored in the refrigerator for half a year in order to destroy evidence. Timur had been serving in the past for 10 years in a murder case and he tried to destroy the evidence because he did not want to return to prison twice. It seems that Timur 's murder motive was accused by Rafis that he was serving as a murderer, but Miller' s murder motive seems to be unclear.

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