A frog that eats a frog is discovered and photographed

It is a carnivorous frog that usually eats insects etc, but it seems that the frog succeeded in photographing the moment of eating another frog. The expression of the frog captured by the photograph is also excellent, and it is a face that seems to be transmitted feelings such as "I was done!"

Pictures of dramatic moments are from the following.
It's a frog-eat-frog world | Metro.co.uk

Kerry Roberts, who lives in Townsville, Queensland, Australia, took pictures.

The moment the frog eats a frog. It is said that Kerry found this scene in the garden of the house.

Kerry thought that he had invaded the snake even in the garden by hearing the frog scream, but when he actually went to see it he heard that the frog was about to eat a frog. "The frog is about the size of the match box, I have never seen such a scene before," Kerry testifies.

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