Direct interview in various ways to worry about how to monetize with the 2channel special browser "Jane Style"

There are many kinds of exclusive browsers for watching 2 chances comfortably, but from the old days there are various types, but finally among themIncorporatedThis "Jane StyleHe is the author of "Jane CorporationIt is Mr. Ryota Yamashita who is also the representative director.

Recently only net service was energetic and I was not very interested in talking about this kind of software so I was very curious so I applied for an interview and will be responsible for future management from a side as an unknown software creator I asked the story at various angles until the face as manager.

~ Mukuji
About development of Jane Style
About corporateization
■ Know more about the author
■ How do you plan to monetize?
■ Finally

So, the interview details are as follows.
About development of Jane Style

This time Mr. Ryota Yamashita of Jane Corporation Representative Director visited GIGAZINE Editorial Department.

This is the "hand" that created Jane Style

And this is the real thing of the personal computer used for development

"Jane Style" is made here

It seems to be sitting on this chair and programming

That's why I started the interview.

GIGAZINE (hereinafter abbreviated as G):By the way, does Mr. Yamashita live in Osaka?

Jane Corporation Representative Director Mr. Ryota Yamashita (hereinafter abbreviated as J):I live in Osaka city. I also rent a rental office near Osaka station.

G:By the way, how many are you, Mr. Yamashita?

J:I am 25 years old.

G:I knew when I talked a bit while talking a little while before the interview, but the undergraduate department of the university is a pedigree, is not it?

J:It's a literary art. I am a graduate of economics department.

G:I am actually developing Jane Style, but when did you start making it?

J:Since I entered college in 2003, it is from that summer. I used it as a user from Twiddle's first Jane published in 2001. At that time Windows Me was mainstream, but I only had Windows 95 in me. I thought that I do not have any software that works even under Windows 95, I met Donut and Jane and I used to love it because it moves firmly.

G:Let's make something like Jane Style clearly from around! Did it become like it?

J:SleipnirIt is after I met. I bought a new computer in 2002 and started using Sleipnir "I am amazing, it's a good design". At that time most of the browsers did not stick to the design in Japan. But Sleipnir was drawn by everything, beautiful design, usable functions, development attitude that cherishes users of the author. Sleipnir and Donut had the culture of loading users' voices such as "Take such a function" immediately and fixing defects, and became the basis of Jane StyleOpen JaneThere was a similar culture. So I thought that "If you make Open Jane like Sleipnir like elegance, will it be a bit more popular?", I started programming from the summer of 2003, and I have tried and repeated it from there repeatedly.

G:Then, I started programming to make Open Jane "Jane Style" from the very beginning.

J:At first it was just a pleasure to modify and distribute and make users happy. The reaction was straight when it was 2chan and its reaction was fun. Even if you do anything else, college students will cost money. Programming was a hobby that does not cost money. It was done because there were lots of free time.

G:Does that mean that the direction was clearly determined to a certain extent from the beginning?

J:The direction was decided but ... it is still far from the ideal. I am amazingly amazing when I see it, and I feel that it is far from Simple Elegance.

G:What is the development language of Jane Style?

J:Delphiis. It is regrettable that Delphi is almost not used at the development site. It's a very useful language, though. It is very nice to be crispy as soon as you think it's funny. Even with our software, compilation will be completed if there are as long as 5 seconds.

G:At first it was done from a place like a remodeling of Open Jane, did you gradually learn programming from there?

J:I agree. The sources of the original Jane and Open Jane were my textbooks. The first design is really messy. Normally it is going to become heavier and heavier as you add functionality later, but even if you continue to add functionality, there is no problem at present. Well, if you actually saw the source code, it may be spaghetti, but for the moment it seems that lightness and speed are both compatible. I am not satisfied with me yet, but I think that I feel as good as it is.

G:How do you manage source code?

J:At first, it was compressed and compacted properly in ZIP format, but it is now being distributed to three places. It is a feeling that it is on the net, backup HDD, and inside of my own personal computer. Even if the source code is lost somewhere, development will not be interrupted.

About corporateization

G:What is the reason why you decided to incorporate Jane Style this time?

J:It is a pity that my favorite online software will not be updated. Currently Jane Style has been used for more than 400,000 people and it has become a scale that can not be abandoned suddenly. But as I expected, I could not spare time, adding functions and fixing bugs. So, if we could build a team and devote ourselves to development, we thought that it would be possible to create better products and create new value, and made it a corporation.

G:Also, now, in addition to "Jane Style" YouTube & Nico Nico Douga Browser "TubePlayer"Nico Nico Douga Save Tool"SmileDownloaderAlthough software such as "has been released, what type of software are you going to make in the future?

J:It is a story that can not be said clearly because we have not signed a contract yet, but the story that you can provide a resource of a certain company ... .... I think that if you use it you will be able to make funny software.

G:Business software?

J:Rather than business, it is multimedia and I like the Internet, so it's related to the net.

G:In the future, in addition to Jane Style, software which cooperates with the net will be more often.

J:I agree. I think if it is fun to have something to mash up as a client application.

G:Did you talk about something other than an interview from a company or the like as soon as I got a story saying that Jane Style should be incorporated.

J:A lot of stories about business lines come. There were many interview items from various places.

G:Also, did anything react to the e-mail address as soon as we announced that it will be incorporated into the company?

J:There were several items from the user, "congratulations on establishing a company". I was happy so I replied everything. In the beginning, in my case, since I use a bulletin board for interacting with users, there is almost no inquiry by e-mail from users. I'm writing all the things I'd like to say about complaints or complaints on the bulletin board. From the persons of the magazine company, we will get a message such as posted by e-mail, but basically the e-mail does not come except in such a case.

G:In short it is supposed that the support and so on has become completely the shape of the bulletin board main.

J:Perhaps, I think that it is a feeling to write complaints on the bulletin board if it is about sending mails. I feel that complaints and the like are written because they like software. Because I am writing for five years because I like software because it is a vandalism purpose or a pleasant offense, I understand roughly. "Oh, I thought about this software of our people and said such a stiff opinion," he said.

G:The bulletin board is also quite active.

J:I think that collecting probably will not be able to probably be done if it is done on the thread on 2channel, and I support it with the external bulletin board launched by Jane's user. Even on external bulletin boards, it has extended to about Part 80, is not it? Because it is a bulletin board style, I think that which function is prioritized and implemented, and a defect report was clarified. I am grateful to everyone who supports it.

G:Is the number of employees one person right now?


G:How many employees do you want?

J:For the moment, I think that it is about 3 to 5 people in terms of sales size. It is a worry that I do not know how to recruit excellent engineers in the future. How did GIGAZINE collect such a large number of people?

G:Basically it is two patterns of a person pulling in a connection and a person who recruited from the outside. Ultimately I decided it was a pretty good interview with a prestigious company. So, only those who said that they wanted to hire everyone if they had money in the final interview stayed.

J:it's difficult. After all, hiring someone will carry a part of that person's life, so when you hire a person you also need to be prepared for it.

■ Know more about the author

G:What kind of board do you often see in 2 chan?

J:I love software boards and I also look at the Windows board. As it is like a, the preliminary topic before buying a product is 2channels. Others like the news bulletin board. The news system is used to see what kind of opinion is roughly. I am doing a check on what I thought and the reaction of the net user, how it is different.

G:The browsers I usually use are like Sleipnir, but what are the mail software doing?

J:Mail softwareHidamaru Mailis.

G:It is a cool choice.

J:It is the flow of Hidemaru Editor 's license as a free software author' s privilege. There is a lot of spam and Outlook can not use it. Also, Hidemaru e-mail filtering was pretty good and we have been using for a long time.

G:Or else what software do you usually use regularly or what kind of software do you like?

J:Sleipnir is basic,MDIE (tab type filer)I love you. after,IME WatcherAnd.TClock LightI am also using it. I will be staying around here. I have a lot of free software on my computer, so I love it.

G:As a result of using various software, did you choose so doing? Or is it like you continue to use it once you decide to use it?

J:If you have similar line of software, I will try using 2 ~ 3 types. Before I used it for an hour, there was no such thing as the moment it was installed. With that kind of feeling it is done with intuition.

G:Also, there are plenty of Zorozoro that is exclusive for 2-channel special browser, but did you try using each one once for each?

J:As I mentioned earlier, since I was using Antique Anti - Windows 95 at that time, I was looking for it to work in that environment as well. At that time the PC's CPU was about 120 MHz and at that time the major PC was about 700 MHz it was 120 MHz or why it is like why I am using a computer with such a low spec, that's why Jane is "absolute" It was soft. Anyway it is light, and it moves properly. After replacing the PC, I tried everything before the creation of Jane Style, which has a 2channel browser and a name.

G:Although it is a personal computer, what are you using now?

J:It is Toshiba dynabook's VX1 now. PentiumM 1.5 GHz, memory slightly increased 768 MB. I am making Jane Style on that computer. I think the current PC is faster than the latest PC. If you make it on such a computer, even if you write the appropriate code it will run at great speed. But, if you are doing such rich programming, what about average users? I think that it is entirely good for people using such high-end environment personal computers, but after all it is supposed to be "heavy movement" for those using old computers. Also, why still need to buy a new one to move properly? There are also things (bitter smile)

■ How do you plan to monetize?

G:About making Jane Style a corporation I think that everyone is interested in how to monetize, but first of all2 Channel viewerThere is a sales revenue share of sales? so,Yahoo! ToolbarThere is a bundle agreement, and it seems that there is a "cooperation with a search business operator / video search business" as what is planned, but what is this all about?

J:I will think about the next month ...

G:What kind of method are you thinking, "Collaboration with search companies / video search companies" does not make sense well ... ...

J:I think that there is always a demand that "I want to search for this word right now" when browsing 2 chan. If it is now, search by Sleipnir, search by IE, launch Firefox and search, it is no good not to bother to search phrases to search in the search window after bothering yourself. It is convenient if it makes it possible to skip search queries from within the software immediately. I'm just talking to a corporation that is searching for it.

G:I think that there is a case of Sleipnir as a similar example, but do you want to aim for such a style in the medium to long term?

J:Well, first of all, it is impossible to eat unless profit is raised and it is impossible to hire employees. If you think of user's happiness, I think that it is useless if we must think about the happiness of our employees. If that employee is also troubled by money, you can not afford to absolutely think about anything else. That is why I think that we want our employees to be happy first and want to make the company a company that can provide better products by thinking about the happiness of users.

G:It is often said that "I am developing on the basis of Open Jane but are licenses okay?" Is there any particular problem with licensing?

J:As far as reading the license of Open Jane, I think that there is no problem with licensing.

G:Do you feel that you do not plan to release the source code?

J:I am now using "Delphi 7", but I am planning to change to a new version of the compiler in the future. I think that I want to be able to compile Open Jane even with the new compiler, so I wonder if I can return it in such a form.

G:About the current Jane Style, are you planning to rewrite all the source code from the root?

J:I do not think about full rewrite. Even now it is well established, and if you do this here it will become faster or you can add functions here already in your own head. However, I do not have money and time, so I just can not make it so I think we can speed up development a bit if we clear it. If you are creating software while doing other work, even if the user knows the function you want, it will take time to implement. Actually we only have time on weekends and nights. Even if it requires an urgent correction, it was impossible to correct it unless it was two days and three days passed. For users, it takes inconvenience to update it, so I hope that it will be possible to resolve such things by corporation.

G:Is it feeling that user benefits will be maximized by getting cramped around as employees increase as a result of incorporation?

J:I agree. That is ideal. User convenience is the best. Without it there is no point in doing it as a company.

G:Also, of the day we announced incorporation into the corporation, the ZIP version of Jane Style was not linked from the top page, and something was messed up, but what happened there in the end?

J:It is a measure of transfer amount. If you update 3 works at once, it will be the amount of transfer that will be kicked out 100% from the borrowed server. Until you reprinted in the window Mori and Vector, I could not get the ZIP version on the table. So when you update 3 works in a stretch, I'm sorry for the ZIP version, but I think you will put it on the back side.

G:Is it the feeling that people are rushing and the transfer rate jumps steadily and steadily?

J:I agree. The transfer amount is the peak on the day of release and it lasts about one week. It would be unavoidable if you borrowed a server to match the peak, it would cost money. Although it is the most troublesome to be kicked out from the server store that puts the file.

G:Now both the ZIP version and the installer version, both of which have been released, will the ZIP version eventually disappear?

J:There are no plans for that.

G:Are you feeling that those who want to use both ZIP version and both go out for a while?

J:For beginners, the installer version is easier to understand, so I will use it in combination. But for the time being, the ZIP version can temporarily be withdrawn to the next page on the back side due to the transfer amount, so I'd like you to acknowledge it ...... People who use the ZIP version probably think that most users familiar with PCs are the majority, so people like that please feel free to use the ZIP version.

G:Now I have only Windows version, is there any plan to release Linux version or Mac version of Jane Style?

J:That is not it. Because there is also a problem of share. Mostly Windows users are main, so it's quite easy to examine Linux or Mac ... .... If you do, net correspondence is ahead.

G:When it comes to net correspondence,P2Is it like something?

J:P is something like what to do because there is, but I think that it would be useful if the software of ours worked together.

■ Finally

J:Why did you interview me, have you not told the user what I am thinking at all? It is because of the thought. I will be happy if you are interested in our company and our software for as many people as possible, by telling you the thought given to software by the media. Thinking the user first, I would like to continue to make better software with the users.

G:As something more Jane Style, do you want to say something like this? It seems to someone who reads GIGAZINE or to a person who has never used Jane Style.

J:Currently we are looking for Delphi engineers and online software authors. It is very rewarding for the direct voice of the user to arrive. I am continuing software development because of the support of the users. If someone who sympathizes with the desire to cherish users and wants to make good software together "Company Information | Jane CorporationPlease contact us at the e-mail address. I certainly would like to meet you.

G:Thank you for today.

J:Thank you very much.

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