E-Mobile, domestic fastest HSPA introduction to further improve communication speed

EMobile will be the fastest in Japan since April 17th (Friday)HSPAAnnounced that it will introduce standards and improve communication speed.

It seems that communication speed will be improved mainly in high publicity areas.

Details are as follows.
3.5 Generation HSPA "EM Mobile Broadband" Domestic fastest transmission Maximum 5.8 Mbps service started in some areas Commencement of sales of compatible terminal "D23HW" | e-Mobile Co., Ltd. | Corporate information

According to this release, EMOBILE is the first domestic telecommunications operator to start from April 17 (Fri) 2009, and it is said that the transmission maximum speed of the 3.5th Generation HSPA standard will be increased to a maximum of 5.8 Mbps.

This is to start providing high-speed mobile data communication service with maximum transmission speed of 5.8 Mbps in high publicity areas such as main terminal station of Tomei Osaka and airport, etc. Corresponding terminal is necessary for use, the monthly fee is unchanged .

The area at the start of service looks like this. It is said that it can not be used in the basement unless otherwise stated.

As the service starts, the compatible terminal "D23HW" will be released from April 17th. The price is "basic" at 38,880 yen, "Newly" at 10,480 yen.

Introduced HSUPA standard with transmission speed up to 1.4 Mbps last NovemberAlthough it will be accelerated in about half a year since it was done, again refrained from starting official serviceUQ WIMAXOr is it a countermeasure against the next generation PHS?

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