Concept model of evolving ambulance

The history of ambulances is old and it seems that carriages and rickshaws played their part in the 19th century. Since then it has undergone changes in traffic conditions and emergency life-saving measures at the work siteEmergency life-saving personAlthough we are continuing to evolve daily on visible and invisible parts to cope with changes in medical technology such as introduction of medical technology, what kind of figure will we be in the future? Let's look at various ambulances currently considered concept designs all over the world.

Details are below.
Pictured: The futuristic ambulance that's equipped with Bond-style ejector seats | Mail Online

Equipped with David Seesing's "LADYBIRD" tent, it can protect patients and equipment under extreme conditions such as storms. Very emergency vehicle that can also drive rough terrain

Niki Merriman's "MOBILE TREATMENT UNIT" Concept for remote areas with few medical facilities. By bending around the connecting part connecting the front and back, it is easy to pass through narrow places that tend to be in remote areas. It is said that the space can be expanded by lengthening the whole vehicle.

Augustin Barbot's "THE AUTOCARE". I do not know well how it works but seems that the driver 's seat will be launched like a cockpit seat of a fighter plane carrying an emergency life - saving person. That seems to be a backpack with medical instruments as it is.

Miika Heikkinen's "THE MORPHING INTERIOR" interior decoration made of silicone seems to be able to change shape due to various emergency situations. Ultra thin monitor is embedded in the wall, contributing to improving the living environment inside

"THE SHELL" by Mr. Rui Gio. A model considered to be able to increase the space for medical treatment by making use of the rear cargo and to be able to work in the field for a long time. Is it an image for disaster area dispatch rather than emergency transportation?

However, even if the performance of the ambulance itself improves, it is also true that depending on the person who is using / using the ambulance, you can not demonstrate your ability. In Japan, the arrival time of the ambulance on site is getting late every year, but we want to pay attention so that we can be aware of valuable ambulance effective use.

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