When adults seriously do hide and seek, it becomes like this, disguised · mimicry which reached the area of ​​art

Did you understand at a glance the above picture, where the person is hiding? Even if you can find it as a picture, many of the people who passed by the window are hidden at the level that you will not notice. However, this is still more simple.

Camouflage for blending into forests and snowy mountains is a matter of course on the battlefield, but for urban dwellers it is sometimes required to "hide" in order to survive (maybe), which is really seriously blended into the landscape I tried collecting pictures of people who are stuck. It might be more difficult to find this mimicry than to find a Wally.

Details are as below. Poster covered.

How to hide seasonally.

The game is starting from the time you choose clothes to wear that day.

It is nearly impossible to find if done so far.

Snack confectionery department.

It seems stuffy again.

Bulletin board screaming when stinging a stick.

Coming so far is art.

Indoor editing.

It looks like a ninja.

If you look closely you also have a head.

These pictures are "The Hunger Games"Was inspired by the popular young adult novel called"HIDE NOWThis is an excerpt from the project. From the following sites you can see many other photos of people who are seriously hiding.

Göm dig.nu

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