A woman who was trapped in his car

In Kissimmee, Florida, there was a report from a woman named "Police parked in a car!" It is a message that seems to be getting caught up in the incident and is going to be taken, but it seems that it was a report saying that he was confined in his car when asked frequently. What on earth happened to this woman?

Details are as below.
Woman calls 911: I'm locked inside my car - OrlandoSentinel.com

It was Sunday that there was a report from a woman saying "I do not know how to unlock the car." This lady cars John Young ParkwayWalgreen'sHe seems to have stopped at the store saying that it was a SOS message saying, "My car's engine does not hit and it was trapped in the car".

As a woman said, "Electric-related things do not work, somehow the inside of the car is getting hotter and I feel not much feeling", the officer who received the report can not open the door lock manually I asked. The woman answered "I tried" and he heard a voice saying "I did it, the door opened" for a while.

Everyone thinks that it is unexpectedly panic that the battery of the car goes up and the engine does not start, but let's deal with it calmly at such times.

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