Xbox 360 domestic cumulative sales exceeded 1 million units

It became clear that domestic cumulative sales volume of Microsoft's next generation game machine "Xbox 360" exceeded 1 million units.

Despite having been released a year ahead of other companies' next generation game machines,Wii that seems reachable to 8 million units and PS 3 that exceeded 3 million unitsAlthough it was forced to struggle such as being able to make a big difference, it seems that it finally got on the mark of 1 million after being pushed back by RPG rush etc.

Details are as follows.
Xbox 360 domestic cumulative sales volume exceeded 1 million units! PlayStation 3 cumulatively reaches 3 million units -

According to this article, it seems that enterbrain research revealed that the domestic cumulative sales volume of Microsoft's Xbox 360 exceeded 1 million units.

It was said that it will have reached the cradle over 3 years and 4 months after the main body was released on December 10, 2005, and the reason for the increase in sales volume was "Tales of Vesperia" Original RPG such as Infinite · Undiscovery · Last Remnant · and "Star Ocean 4" released this year are listed.

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