tri-Ace starts a count down for their "New RPG" release

tri-Ace, developer of unique RPGs like Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile, has revealed at their web page that they are now working on new RPG title for PS3 and XBOX360.

The count down is now going at their web site "".

Read on for details.


According to the counter on their web site, tri-Ace is going to make an announcement of their new RPG after 221 hours as of 12:00 Apr. 1st, 2009. And according to the logo on the bottom, the game will be published for PS3 and XboX360.

The count-down on their web site. The background image suggests some kind of space opera thing.

For now, all we got is this unrevealing website and the short sentence "New RPG project launched" on tri-Ace's company web page. Let's see what is coming out from the developer of "Tales of Phantasia", "Star Ocean" and "Valkyre Profiles".

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