What is it with the female version of Wii "Shii"

It was released from NintendoWii sells over 50 million units worldwideIt is a big hit commodity, but there seems to be a woman's wii "Shii" against this Wii. Shii seems to have a lineup of software that females can enjoy, and women who can not enjoy Wii can also be excited with Shii.

Let's see what Shii is like.

Movie playback is from the following.
Men are racing games at Wii,

Fishing games,

With gun shooting etc.,

Although it is very exciting,

On the other hand, women ...

It's boring.

The female Wii that appeared there "Shii"

As a gift,

I am overjoyed.

For Shii, women too excited.

Let's try playing from below to see what kind of software lineup is done.
YouTube - Shii - The Wii for Women

It is not a product actually being sold ... ... Maybe.

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