Art made by drawing lost cassette tapes nostalgic

With the advent of digital audio players such as MD and iPod now few people use itcassette tape. If you play many times, the tape will stretch or you will become caught and stuffed and it will make you feel sad, but there seems to be someone who dared to pull out the tape and make it art is.

Details are as below.
Absolutely Incredible Art made with Old Cassette Tapes | NoiseAddicts music and audio blog

Singer-songwriter'sBob Dylan.

Rock band · Doors vocal,Jim Morrison.

A guitarist known for its innovative performanceJimi Hendrix.

Joy DivisionVocalist,Ian Curtis.

Marilyn Monroe made with tape wound on a reel.

Actress Robert De Niro.

Besides cassette tapes I made these arts using cards and old booksIRI 5. In Frickr, a lot of other works can be seen.
Flickr: iri 5's Photostream

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