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Nomura Research Institute, Inc., a leading think tank companyAccording to today's announcement, It seems that a company of a certain size in Japan has found that it reaches 800 billion yen when estimating the amount of points and mileage etc. in 2007. This is an increase of 100 billion yen from the fiscal year 2006, but most of this is due to changes in the grant rate of points issued by mobile phone carriers according to call charges. It is expected that the amount issued in fiscal 2008 will decrease due to the slump in the airline industry that issues a lot of mileage and the retail and distribution industry that is the issuer of points, but if it reaches over 840 billion yen by 2013 It is predicted.

So, tomorrowMarch 26. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on 26th March of one year ago.

A net service "4U - beauty image bookmarking" that shares beautiful images around the world with everyone - GIGAZINE

Where in the world's newspaper was the article of which country in 2007 many times - GIGAZINE

A 9 year old girl is sold for $ 50 as a slave - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Telephone addressed to the company, memo is a note memorably? Avaya Japan Survey - ITmedia Biz.ID(Frequency of use of society, telephone conference and Web conference also tends to increase)

【Understand from North Korea】 Northern missile interception technique · Legislation can shoot down (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News(Law, amendment of the Self-Defense Forces Law clearly states "Destruction measures against ballistic missiles, etc.")

Only one power required for programmers: ITpro(IT has to keep track of technology so as not to become obsolete)

Points and effects when placing the site map on the footer | Collis(Net, the place where most users scroll to see last is footer)

Too ridiculous and stupid public opinion operation(Statistics, the graph showing the trend of the support rate of the Aso cabinet has been skewed and drawn)

Filtering of children's mobile, lifted? 20% of parents "I do not know well" - ITmedia News(If there is no meaning unless you know the contents of the net, "I do not know well")

Test CUDA compatible movie image quality improvement software "vReveal" adopted CIA(Technique, high image quality software to estimate missing information in the image by computing from the preceding and succeeding frames)

'Google Street View is illegal' - British Privacy Protection Organization complains - ITmedia News(There are many people who are troubled if the everyday life reflects on the net)

Do not measure your achievements by price - GoTheDistance(Economy, the best result that you willingly give money)

Google's visual design director retires - disgust with data centricity: News - CNET Japan(Net, how to measure and evaluate every design by putting it in data does not create innovative design)

"Business conversation by role" to make it at a glance: "Taro, bring me a bottle of sake!" - Mom in Ginza also practiced! Pick the other party's announcement - ITmedia Biz.ID(Speech, the other party will be touched if it breaks the fixed role)

Cooking recommendation: To people who are planning to cook from now - Money does not hurt your heart(First Step Guide for Food, Ultimate Warfare Novice)

How to master English with almost free using iknow (smart.fm) or the Internet well! Mono people(Language, free language learning support service collected)

Why do you fall? Mechanism of "depression": "I can not feel confident at all" "panic quickly with all the problems" - How can you say good-by to yourself? (1/3) - ITmedia Biz.ID(It is important to observe calmly, thinking that the symptoms such as life and panic are the spokesman for "inner voice" of yourself)

【WBC】 "Dirty Samurai" and Korean paper "Ichiro is proud" (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News(Criticizing the Japanese team with the headlines that sports, victory but lost in manner)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: The temperature at which the cat comes out(Neko, 18-24 degrees is the best temperature zone)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Celebrity Chinese Limited, To Individual Private Tourism to Japan Liberation - Politics(International banning private tourism can increase illegal stay)

Arrived Sankei Shimbun stole the fisherman "I wanted to read another paper" - MSN Sankei News(It is fascinating that society, Sankei Shimbun reported this news)

Yesmen(Memo, a lot of mischief till it's terrible)

Why are major universities in the US able to draw such investment profits? : Consideration for strengthening domestic universities 3 - between neuroscience and marketing - Being between Neuroscience and Marketing(Investment, Japanese universities have not been able to compete as hard as money)

Why do you twinkle with so much bangs? | R25(Body, the elbow pipe umbilicus nerve passage near the epidermis is susceptible to external stimulation)

Trade balance in February, surplus for the first time in 5 months, decreased by 91% year-on-year to 82.4 billion yen | Corporate · Management | nikkei BPnet (The decline in economic and import prices exceeded the decrease in exports)

Jiuchiuchi acknowledging cheating "Apologize to temptation" / Entertainment / Society / Daily Sports online(It seems that cheating with entertainment, female talent who was dating before marriage became a decision strike)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Fukushima Prefecture, nominated competitive bidding totally eliminated bid rigging prevention measures - politics(Nomination competitive bidding where society, bidder nominates by bidder is easy to collide)

"Do not settle anymore" Health care: Exercise to gain great effect and achievement in just one day - ITmedia Biz.ID(Health and hiking can not only ensure momentum but also great influence on spiritual part)

Chinese military up to 50% to raise salary Hong Kong newspaper - MSN Sankei News(International, explaining that the main factor of increase is "improvement of living treatment of military personnel")

Kaizen's scene: A self-made e-mail system by a Mac lover station manager, seen in Aomori Prefecture's "Road station and Towada" - Economic effect of 70 million yen (1/3) - ITmedia Biz.ID(Produce the so-called POS system that notifies producers of technology, lack of goods products and urges delivery of selling goods)

Japan, the ratio of uninsured unemployed 77% The worst in developed countries, the ILO report - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)(The length of time during which insurance is not entitled will be lengthened due to the length of the period of waiting until receiving social insurance, unemployment insurance and the short period that can be received)

Wakada communicated with President Obama "Good example of international cooperation": News: Space: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Science, communication from the International Space Station)

Microsoft will be sued for infringement of patent infringement on "Windows Update" - ITmedia News(IT, if the periodic update is a patent infringement it will affect a considerable number of companies)

Improve Google, related keywords of search result and method of extracting pages(The amount of information for the net and the query greatly increases, so the result list becomes easier to read)

Digital Contents of the Year, "App Store" Awards - IBTimes (Ivy Times)(A lot of services like on-demand and on-demand delivery awarded)

IE 8 Prove Progress: The Most Excellent Browser for Malware Protection This - ITmedia News(Internet, Microsoft's IE 8 was overwhelmingly high malware detection rate compared with other browsers)

Serious vulnerability to the US next-generation power infrastructure, "smart grid"(Since it has general security vulnerabilities such as net, buffer overflow, root kit, code infection, it can not operate as it is)

Affiliate Rogue: Making fake software near 1 million yen a day, making full use of SEO technology for distribution - ITmedia News(The Web site charged the illegal page by the effect of the net, SEO had nearly 500,000 hits on Google search)

Mail service that can be nutclocked = procedure necessary for printing stamp picture(Explanation of necessary corrections when placing images of stamps collection on the web page)

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