The maximum reading speed is 270 MB per second, SSD "G-MONSTER V 4" realizing high capacity and high durability has appeared

It was revealed that "G-MONSTER V4" SSD which realized a reading rate of 270 MB per second and a writing speed of 190 MB per second from PhotoFast appears.

In addition to high-speed transfer, it uses a durable single-level cell (SLC) flash memory, making it an excellent model in terms of capacity, which was a weak point of SLC type SSD. In addition, it also has a large capacity cache memory of 64 MB.

Details are as below.
Mobile mode Ltd. == PhotoFast G-MONSTER SSD ==

According to this release, PhotoFast seems to release SLC type 2.5 inch SSD "G-MONSTER V 4" with large cache memory of 64 MB from the middle of April.

"G-MONSTER V4" also adopted SLC flash memoryIntel's high-speed type SSDIn addition to a lineup of 128 GB models that realized twice the capacity of 2 GB, the maximum write speed of up to 30 MB (at RandamWrite 4 K) is realized in addition to the maximum reading speed of 270 MB per second and the maximum writing speed of 190 MB per second It is said that.

The impact resistance performance is 1500 G and the MTBF (average failure interval) is 1.5 million hours.

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