If the supercomputer keeps going as it is, it will be able to simulate the human brain in 2025

A variety of supercomputers have been created and demonstrated its computing power for research that requires huge calculations and contributed to the development of human science, but as supercomputers continue to grow steadily as it is Apparently it seems that even in 2025 simulation of neurons in the human brain will be possible.

Let's see what kind of theory it will be like that, from the year 1990 to the near future the supercomputer growth.

The graph is from the following.
Singularity is Near - SIN Graph - Growth in Supercomputer Power

The solid black line is the actual plan and the supercomputer name, and the line like a white crosswalk is the trend line, that is, the trend line. When I draw a trend line with the momentum to the present, how what it is like below.

2013 ... ... It is possible to perform the operation necessary to simulate human brain function.
2025 year ...... It is possible to perform the operation necessary to simulate the nerve of the human brain.

You can see the current supercomputer top 500 from the following site.

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Currently No. 1 is IBM's order received and built by Los Alamos National Laboratory of America "Roadrunner (Road Runner)".

It is a supercomputer made to simulate the safety and reliability of nuclear weapons stockpiling in the United States, and it is also used for astronomy / genetics / analysis of climate change etc. It seems that there are 12960 AMD 1.8 GHz dual core Opteron 6912 and PowerXCell 8i improved PS processor which is also used in PS 3.

Incidentally this is a movie that recorded the precious appearance when setting "Roadrunner" completed at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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